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ESC 2014: Denmark's Basim is the Spotify winner

Is Basim from Denmark the winner of the ESC 2014? On Spotify his song is clicked the most!
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Spotify introduces its hitlist

On the 10th of May it takes place again: the biggest singing competition of the world. 26 European countries compete against each other at the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 . But even today, the winner is certain, at least when it comes to the music streaming service Spotify .

Based on the streaming numbers of all participant songs showing which songs are particularly popular among the Spotify users, singer Basim from the host country Denmark is far ahead with his "Cliché Love Song". Closely followed by Aram MP3 with "Not Alone" from Armenia in second place and Mei Finegold with the song "Same Heart" in third place. By the way, according to Spotify, Elaiza's "Is It Right" from Germany is in 11th place. Just like with the original competition on stage, Spotify was not allowed to get points from their own country.

All songs competing for this year's competition can be heard on Spotify in the official album of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen .

UPDATE: Spotify was wrong. Winner is Conchita Wurst from Austria!

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