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Global Citizen Festival 2017Global Citizen: Everything you need to know about the festival

The Global Citizen Festival will take place in Hamburg for the first time on the 6th of July. The G20 summit includes Coldplay, Shakira and Herbert Grönemeyer. All information about the festival and how to get tickets

The Global Citizen Festival takes place at the G20 summit in Hamburg.
Photo: Facebook / Global Citizen
  1. What does Global Citizen stand for?
  2. Who performs at the Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg?
  3. How can I get tickets for the Global Citizen concert?

Global Citizen is a community that existed well before this year's G20 summit. Now the movement is on everyone's lips - not least because it hosts a festival in Hamburg, in which several well-known artists occur. What is this about?

What does Global Citizen stand for?

What unites the community is above all one thing: commitment. Everyone can be part of actively fighting for a better world. True to the motto "Do something", which incidentally is also the hashtag #tuwas to the action. These include political and social problems, everything that moves the world - health, hunger, environmental protection or education.

The belief behind Global Citizen is that all problems can be solved if people just get together and work together. One example is the goal of ending extreme poverty by 2030. It has already raised $ 30 billion.

Who performs at the Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg?

The list is long. Coldplay, Ellie Goulding, Herbert Grönemeyer, Shakira, Pharell Williams and Andreas Bourani will play at the Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg on 6th July . There are also other artists who are not betrayed. They all get no pay - they address the world's leaders through the Global Citizen Festival to raise awareness of global poverty.

How can I get tickets for the Global Citizen concert?

The tickets for the Global Citizen Festival can only be obtained through engagement. There are none to buy - because the concert is free, the artists appear for a good cause. Still, that's not so easy: "Turn to the most powerful leaders and urge them to implement concrete measures to meet sustainable development goals and end extreme poverty!", Is posted on the website.

In concrete terms, anyone participating in the current seven campaigns can win a ticket to the Global Citizen Concert . This includes, for example, alerting the director of the World Health Organization in a Twitter message on the relevance of tuberculosis. Specific information about the campaigns can be found here. Good luck!


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