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Elderly penguin of the world cured of skin cancer!

The oldest spectacled penguin in already 40 years old!
Photo: Screenshot / CCTV News

Spectacled penguin defeats cancer

Even penguins can get cancer. But there is good news in the Colorado Zoo: The oldest eyed penguin has now been cured of skin cancer!

The penguin lady waddles on the artificial cliffs in her enclosure in Colorado. At the age of 40 she is the oldest living in the zoo glasses penguin in the world! In her life she did not always have it easy.

Hardly anyone in the US Zoo would have expected that the penguin would swim and dive so cheerfully. Recently, skin cancer was diagnosed on the head of the spectacled penguin. In old age, the worst was expected, yet the doctors fought for his life.

The trouble was worth it. After a punctual radiotherapy on the head of the penguin, this could actually be cured of skin cancer! Shortly after the therapy, the old penguin lady waddles with her friends through the enclosure again.

After the spectacled penguin was able to defeat the cancer at such a high age, he is fit and ready for new adventures. In the wild the birds usually only reach an age of up to 20 years. With meanwhile twice as much life experience the penguin lady proves that nothing is impossible - even the penguin age has no limits!