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Princess Victoria in luck - but drama about sister Madeleine

Two sisters who understand each other without many words: Madeleine (left) and Victoria. But these days Victoria seems to have been lucky, while Madeleine has sorrows.
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Sister heart, sister pain: Princess Victoria (32) could probably embrace the world these days. Unlike her sister Princess Madeleine (27) ... Everyone is talking about the marriage of Sweden's heir to the throne and her fiance Daniel Westling (36). But there is still a wedding: the Princess Madeleine with Jonas Bergström (31). But while Victoria looks forward to wedding dress and wedding cake full of excitement, Madeleine's words are always filled with new speculations. So bad that now even Queen Silvia (66) switched on publicly. Fateful days at the Swedish royal court: Victoria in luck and the drama about Madeleine - what's going on there? Some doubt that Madeleine steps in front of the altar Scandinavian media have been reporting for weeks about an alleged love crisis in Silvia's youngest daughter. As the daily "Expressen" reported, Madeleine does not want to live with Jonas anymore under one roof at the moment. The paper even questions that they are ever going to step in front of the altar. How does Madeleine feel about such headlines? Victoria gives her afternoon jury in the Dom Victoria, however, floating with her Daniel in the seventh heaven. The yard had just sent out the invitation cards. The paper is delicately creamed, the writing in royal gold. The most coveted invitation in the country, yes, the whole world. In addition, it was now known when the wedding takes place exactly on 19 June: at 15.30 clock in Stockholm Cathedral, the Storkyrkan. Victoria has opted for a typical Scandinavian wedding in the afternoon, so the ladies are already in long dresses and wearing tiaras. After the church wedding, the newly married couple will drive in a carriage through the city center and then change to the royal sloop "Vasaorden" to sail through Stockholm and wave to the cheering Swedes. The wedding ball finally takes place in the royal city palace. Oh, Victoria, how happy you must be! "Unfortunately there will be no wedding this year"

Since Madeleine has met less well: Your wedding is still in the stars. The engagements of the two sisters were surprisingly close together: The heir to the throne announced it in February 2009, Madeleine followed in August. At that time, Jonas Bergström had indicated that the wedding would take place sometime in the fall / winter 2010/2011. So the big wait began in Sweden. But when after many onaten still no wedding date was called, the first speculation came to the private crisis of the princess on. Until Queen Silvia now said a word of power: "Unfortunately, there will be no wedding this year. That goes without saying. There is a lot happening right now, and everything is very intense. And I think Madeleine has a right to a quieter time for her own wedding, "she told the evening paper" Aftonbladet ". Madeleine is not supposed to have her wedding in the shadow of her sister. A love crisis is clearly denied by Silvia: "Of course I also read the newspaper and I just want to say that Madeleine is doing very well and everything is okay." A friend of Madeleine struck in the same notch But the words of the queen arrived differently than thought - they only inflamed the crisis rumors more: "Wedding canceled!", it said in many gazettes. The model Marcus Schenkenberg (41), a friend of Madeleine's, spoke up and said in the same way: "She was in New York recently and called me to go out with me (...). She was traveling alone, without Jonas. They probably had some problems already. "

More and more news - in the end, against all custom, the court was forced to issue an official announcement: "Due to numerous articles at the time of the wedding of Princess Madeleine and Mr. Jonas Bergström, we want to announce that a wedding date has not yet been set. " Displacement "of a wedding or even the" bursting "or" canceling "can therefore not be the question. Since Madeleine can only wish that calm now returns and that she can happily enjoy her happiness with Jonas again soon. Like the radiant Victoria with her Daniel.

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