Recommended, 2022

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Pin board in the picture frame

  • Wooden picture frame
  • Sandpaper (hardware store)
  • Acyl color in white and blue (eg

      from Hobby Line; Craft store)
    • Chipboard
    • batting
    • Cotton fabric in light blue (department store)
    • stapler
    • small nails
    • Fabric leftovers (eg an old tea towel)
    • fiberfill
    • Hot glue gun (eg from Dremel)
    • small baking dish
    • brush
    • scissors
    • hammer
    • needle and thread

    1. Sand old wooden picture frame.

    2. Paint the frame with blue acrylic paint. Let dry.

    3. Use the fine brush to tighten the outer contour of the frame in white.

    4. Saw off a chipboard for the back of the frame. The chipboard must be slightly smaller, as it is still covered with fleece.

    5. Cut the volume fleece and fabric in the dimensions of the chipboard plus approx. 5 cm for the edge

    6. Place the volume fleece on the chipboard and fasten it to the back.

    7. Iron the fabric, place it over the volume fleece and staple it on the back.

    8. Fix the chipboard with small nails on the picture frame.

    9. For the small pincushion, cut the circle out of a piece of fabric. Pull through a thread with a basting stitch at the outer edge.

    10. Pull the fabric slightly along the thread, fill with cotton wool and sew.

    11. Stick pincushion with hot glue into the baking dish.

    12. Fix the molds with hot glue on the frame.