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DIY fridge magnets

Photo: Refrigerator (by Schaub Lorenz about Otto, about 499 Euro)

porcelain painting

Spice up your fridge with these sweet porcelain magnets

It's so easy to bring retro flair to your kitchen!

You need this:

  • Ceramic Mosaic Pebble, optics White Uni Matt, a mat, 9, 90 Euro.
  • Martha Stewart Acrylic Print, Tint: 23, Summer Haze, 24, Sea Lavender, 35, Ballet Slipper, 38, Peppermint Bark, 52, Pink Flamingo, 60, Wild Salmon, 66
  • Painter's crepe, round extra strong
  • Magnetic adhesive via
  • brush

That's how it works:

1. Remove the individual pebbles from the mat and free them from the grid.

2. Cut the artist's crepe narrower and stick it in different arrangements on the pebbles. These places remain free of color.

3. Paint the surfaces differently with the desired colors.

4. Carefully remove the artist's crepe immediately after applying the paint. Dry paint according to manufacturer's instructions, conditionally dishwasher safe.

5. Fix the magnets on the back of the pebbles using magnetic glue.

6. Hang magnets on the fridge.