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Two variants: plant the balcony box autumnally

We decorate our balcony autumnally with Heide & Co.
Photo: deco & style

Colorful flowers in autumn too

We do not have to send the balcony box to its winter quarters for a long time, instead we plant it with beautiful autumn-suited plants.

You need this for the two variants:

  • potsherds
  • Window box
  • potting soil
  • 2 heather plants
  • 1 sedum plant
  • 2 ivy plants

And that's how easy it is:

1. Put some potsherds on the bottom of the box.

2. Half fill the balcony box with soil.

3. Put the plants, heather, sedum and ivy in a well-watered place.

4. Fill the balcony box with additional soil.

5. Firmly press and water the planting.

Props: balcony box, Ib Laursen, Art: 2172-22, about 21.95 euros table, Ib Laursen, Art: 2178-22, about 66.05 euros rest: own