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These pants make you slim

Even breeches look just as great in size 44 as in size 36, I promise! You just have to know a few styling tricks ...
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  1. With these styling tricks you can (almost) wear everything!
  2. The right jeans for slimmer legs
  3. Flares that flatter the legs
  4. These boyfriend jeans cheat slim

With these styling tricks you can (almost) wear everything!

Magic? Sorcery? Let's call it simply optical illusion, which gives us as a superknackigen Po, narrow thighs and great legs missed. Because: These pants make you slim!

With strong thighs, wide hips or feminine curves, you should not wear a stretch tube or leggings. You do not have to. After all, there are great alternatives that chop your legs down at the same time. May we introduce: These pants make you slim !

The right jeans for slimmer legs

Granted, finding the right jeans is not easy. But these tips make the search easier - and these tricks are the styling: Jeans with a dark and clean wash make us appear optically slimmer. Professional trick for slim legs : Just no bleachings on thighs and buttocks! For wide hips also make sure that the jeans on the leg is not too narrow. Straight cuts or a flared cut (see below) are the result of Mogelwunder! That does not fit: hard bleaching. They divert the view of the thigh instead of from him.

Flares that flatter the legs

To emphasize curves, do without cuts with a high waist. The pants should be pure in design, the thighs narrower. Only from the knee may "the flat" unfold their full width. The color choice? The bigger you are, the sooner you can trust in loud tones. Under 1.65 m such ventures are only very delicate women. Platform shoes also conjure up endless legs. If you have a stronger bottom, you should choose a model with back pockets. And do not be afraid of leaping side pockets that are supposed to apply. They bring laxity into play (and more air to breathe!). That does not fit: hipsters, ornaments, wrinkles.

These boyfriend jeans cheat slim

Boyfriend jeans are great for the casual among us who want to hide their round buttocks a bit. Effect: Low-fitting pockets stretch the silhouette, optimize our rear view. The thighs look so slimmer. The features of perhaps the most comfortable jeans type: tight hem, loose cut. The color: dark. Our tip for slim legs : All models that narrow at the ankle, also conjure up slim shackles. Do not worry: choose shorts that are too short!

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