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Checklist: How to recognize a psychopath

"American Psycho" is a film that clearly demonstrates the multi-faceted characteristics of a psyychopath.
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Typical characteristics

Robert Hare is an emeritus professor at the University of British Columbia. He researched especially in the field of psychopath ie . This is understood to mean a severe form of the dissocial personality disorder, which is accompanied by various characteristics. Hare, who was also a book author and profiler for the FBI, created a psychopathy checklist that introduces and defines these characteristics.

The checklist has been adopted as an international, medical-clinical standard by scientists and criminologists to recognize psychopaths and treat them properly.

Hare identifies a total of 20 complex features across two dimensions that are suitable for identifying or defining a psychopath. We have listed 14 of these complex features.

However, we would like to point out in this article that these features are only a guideline for the detection of a possibly mentally ill person. Whether someone is a psychopath can be determined only by a psychiatrist.

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