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GNTM who is out? All information here!

GNTM 2014: Who is out?

GNTM: Who's out?

GNTM Who is out
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  1. GNTM - who is out in the final?
  2. GNTM - who is out in the semifinals?
  3. GNTM - who's out in episode 13?
  4. GNTM - who's out in episode 12?
  5. GNTM - who's out in episode 11?
  6. GNTM - who's out in episode 10?
  7. GNTM - who's out in episode 9?
  8. GNTM - who's out in episode 8?
  9. GNTM - who's out in episode 7?
  10. GNTM - who's out in episode 6?
  11. GNTM - who's out in episode 5?
  12. GNTM - who's out in episode 4?
  13. GNTM - who's out in episode 3?
  14. GNTM - who's out in episode 2?
  15. GNTM - who's out in episode 1?
Here you can find out for which girls the trip on "Germany's Next Top Model" is over again. "Unfortunately, I have no photo for you today", with this sentence Heidi Klum already broke the hearts of countless wannabe models in the course of their moving GNTM story. If we met in the current episode and which GNTM 2014 candidates have already left, we reveal here.

Did not last until the end of "Germany's Next Top Model" and ask yourself now: "GNTM, who's out?" No problem, we'll help you. Here we list successively all outgoing candidates of the ninth season on. So you can quickly get an overview of which girls in Heidi Klum's model show are still in the race and for whom the journey is over at GNTM.

GNTM - who is out? Here are the candidates again at a glance:

GNTM - who is out in the final?

Jolina, Ivana or Steffi, who will be "Germany's Next Top Model" 2014? In the final of GNTM 2014 on May 8, 2014, the three remaining female candidates were allowed to run in huge bubbles, present them in a self-designed dress and rock them live for a photo shoot.

After two hours, the first decision was made: one had to go.

Already out in the final is Ivana.

After the departure of Ivana, the top two, Jolina and Steffi, were allowed to recite their compulsory plea why they should win the thing. Steffi absolutely scored with her naturalness. For the music of Ed Sheeran there was a final, decisive walk. The girls were allowed to model clothes by Wolfgang Joop.

Finally the decision: "Germany's Next Top Model" 2014 is Stefanie Giesinger!

Out in the final is Jolina.

GNTM - who is out in the semifinals?

The first big decision came in the first quarter of an hour from the GNTM semi-final in 2014: who will be the Venus Girl of the Year? Gillette once again sought out among the top model candidates. All six girls were allowed to kick their legs in scene, in the second round came Jolina, Nathalie and Betty. The surprise: Betty creamed off the huge job and could not get out of the radiance at all.

More ups in the semifinals: During the shoot, the term desert ship got a whole new meaning: In the middle of nowhere, the girls were allowed to wander into the distance in the glamorous Marilyn-Monroe look. Stefanie gloriously sailed to a favorite position at the ship-shooting. And the candidates were allowed to decide themselves on the decision walk, how they wanted to present themselves (which was better, sometimes worse).

More downs in the semifinals: Nathalie sprained her arm in the usual overzealousy during the casting. The girls reminisced melancholically and nostalgically. Also Heidi Klum was really sad in view of the upcoming end: "It was so fast, because we had so much fun!", She stated. And she just could not decide, but that's just her job.

And all the biggest ups: the overwhelming shouts of joy, tears of joy, joyous cheers from the three finalists of GNTM announcing the decision. Drum roll, please, we will see it on Thursday, May 8, 2014, in the big, in the huge grand finale shine, shine, shine: Jolina, Ivana and Stefanie! We can not wait and congratulate the three wonderful candidates for this success. Who will be Germany's Next Top Model 2014? We'll find out soon ... very soon.

Out in the semifinals: Aminata, Nathalie and Betty

GNTM - who's out in episode 13?

Right at the beginning, the coveted cover shoot for the German "Cosmopolitan" was on the program. Harsh criticism for Nancy. "It was like that was the first day today. I would like to play the model. "Ouch, but these words of Heidi Klum sat. Steffi scored with a lot of naturalness, Ivana came over as an angel, Betty sweet and Jolinas eyes drove the photographer sheer insane. Nathalie and Aminata also mastered the cover shoot perfectly, while Karlin did not manage well. She did not make a single picture that would be suitable as a title.

The next day, Jolina took a giant step towards becoming a professional model: The boss of the agency Next wanted to sign her directly when the girls introduced themselves to him. In the subsequent casting at Rubin & Chapelle for the New York Fashion Week convinced Ivana the customer. And Thomas let her go a round.

After the now obligatory press conference at GNTM 2014, the decision was back. And Thomas Hayo immediately announced that several girls will have to pack their bags. Next: Ivana, Aminata, Stefanie, Jolina, Nathalie and Betty

Out in episode 13: Nancy and Karlin

GNTM - who's out in episode 12?

All clear for Karlin at the beginning: The candidate had to take two decisions, each got a wild card, because there were problems with her visa. In episode 12 Heidi Klum finally clarified what it was all about. Karlin was a man in her passport while she was a woman on her visa! The problem has now been solved, Karlin is now in her passport a woman and can bump into the girls again.

It started in episode 12 with an exercise for the remaining girls (Steffi was missing for advertising shoot for Opel). Before Thomas and Heidi they should answer questions, sing, be spontaneous. Only Betty took this really seriously and convinced the jury so much that she (unplanned) went straight to the next round!

Then the casting for Maybelline was on. Jolina dusted off again, already her sixth job. What else happened? The girls were allowed to cry at Heidi really times, throw themselves of children with feathers, paint and cake and throw a haute couture livewalk.

Who succeeded, who less? The decision was back. Nathalie could not convince Wolfgang with her Walk, Heidi found her at the photo shoot a bit unnatural and Thomas criticized that she often comes over insecure and contrived. Nevertheless, there was a photo for the girl in the golden cage. Aminata was in a bad mood, she really spoiled the walk. Questioning looks at the jury, hard words from wool. Aminata was allowed to go back, it was really dramatic there. Collapse, asthma attack, ambulance use.

Karlin, the last in the league, was on the line. Would she be able to catch up on the two missing weeks? The walk was great and Heidi also had a picture for her. What would happen to Aminata? Wolfgang pleaded for leaving her alone. And Heidi, all Mama, gave her a beautiful picture.

All in sequence 12

GNTM - who's out in episode 11?

In the Sexy Edition, the girls had to put off their seductive side in the show on 17 April. And by the way, to fight for the entry into the top ten. While Steffi dusted the big Opel job with a lot of charm and natural sexiness, Anna had to cross the valley of tears. What else did we learn? Nancy needs an English course, Nathalie is the sexiness in person (at least from her point of view), "the Betty is getting hotter" (Original sound Heidi Klum) and the production assistants at Pro7 wear red caps.

Then again a decision was made and the candidates gave the sexy lingerie walk with angel wings once again everything. Or at least tried. Anna cried and wiggled and then cried again. Her lack of sex appeal, the jury said. Anna then wanted to strike the sails herself, lamented the great mental stress. Samantha, one of the worst in the photo shoot according to Heidi, also wobbled.

Anna and Samantha finally had to appear before the jury and Anna actually gave up voluntarily. Everything was too much for her, said the 17-year-old. Would Samantha be allowed to stay now? No, even the pretty redhead had to pack her bags. Out and over!

Anna out in episode 11

Samantha out in episode 11

GNTM - who's out in episode 10?

What an exciting episode! Would you like to know what our favorite moments were?

Wolfgang Joops saying about Anna: "She has something of an alien and that's exactly what we like about her." Sweet!

Heidi Klum's attempted laughter of the day: She warned Aminata, who is known to have shaved her head almost completely, to take care of the trampoline shoot that her hair is not in the way. Haha.

Nathalie felt lonely, no longer seeing herself as a lone fighter and pulling herself up to the other girls. Hooray!

And of course: the wonderful shoot with JOY, with Samantha, Karlin and Anna, who mastered their task so gloriously. Respect!

Exciting and sad also the decision: Sarah did not have to shiver this time - but go directly. She is not fit for mass with her very special face. But in the high fashion world, according to the jury's conclusion after her excursion to the Berlin Fashion Week, which she did not want for her, they do not want her either. In the end, Nathalie and Betty had to perform together and received harsh criticism. Betty was on, and Nathalie? That too! They just wanted to scare them ...

Sarah out in episode 10

GNTM - who's out in episode 9?

The decision walk took place this time in very special outfits and in front of a very special audience. The outfits were robes worn by stars like Kirsten Stewart, Stacy Keibler or Heidi Klum on red carpets. The audience was not a particularly critical one, but one against which the models wanted to survive at any cost: family and friends who came to visit from home.

Again, there was a surprise in the shaky round: Samantha. She cried heartbreakingly, but her mother was already there to comfort her. What was missing, according to the jury? At what some others have too much: self-confidence.

The second waver was (again) Sarah: Does she have just one look, the one style she can show? The jury was uncertain and wanted to talk about Sarah once more.

And another surprise: Nancy wobbled. She got a new hairstyle, she did not like the hairstyle and at the same time apparently lost her ability to run with the hair. Anyway, she stalked like a parody of herself.

Sarah got the first photo, then Samantha. And a third surprise: Nancy also got a picture. Everyone continues, all happy? Not really. Heidi did not like the attitude of Nancy any more, she was defiant, nasty and provocative. Let's see what happens next week ...

All in sequence 9

GNTM - who's out in episode 8?

Aminata, surprise lunatic of the last round, continued this time with a strong performance, uff. Joop's slip of the tongue: he named the dynamic GNTM nominee Dominata. By mistake, it is clear. Her BFF Karlin, however, did not make it so smooth. Heidi saw no change in her. She saw herself as good as outside, while Domina, uh, sorry, wiped Aminata's tears and squeezed her fingers.

Even Lisa wobbled, she showed no attitude, was really lame, as the jury was unanimous. Her back-and-forth BFF Nathalie, however, refrained from eliminating the inevitable flowing tears.

The third wobbly was Sarah, whose limits Heidi saw coming slowly. Nevertheless, she was the first to look forward to a picture and the step into the new round. At the end it was Lisa, whose bravery the jury admired. But that alone was not enough for a photo. And finally, Nathalie even shed tears for the maybe-girlfriend. And Lisa had to wipe her and then pack her bags.

Lisa out in episode 8

GNTM - who's out in episode 7?

The biggest surprise of the seventh episode: Power-Lady Aminata was one of the wobbly, for the first time ever. At a high level, the jury admitted, they had failed. This development was especially astonishing because Aminata had already used wild card at GNTM more often, not even had to wait for the decision.

Sarah, who reproached Heidi Klum for not having pepper, also had to shake her while Wolfgang Joop gave her a timeless beauty.

Although Lisa's decision-walk was too breath-tight, as Thomas Hayo found, this time around, she came around wiggling. Instead, Sainabou, who in Joop's opinion felt bored on the catwalk, could not stage himself, as Hayo found.

Ultimately, the decision between Sainabou and Aminata fell: against Sainabou, for Aminata, who should again get the chance to continue at full throttle at GNTM. Both had to cry, it did not help. Aminata just could not understand the sacking of Sainabou. But would she have understood it better, would she have met her?

Sainabou out in episode 7

GNTM - who's out in episode 6?

Spider-Naked-Shooting, Gender-Switch-Shooting and Wardrobe-Punishment by Heidi Klum: In episode six the GNTM candidates were quite challenged. Lisa, who many of the girls would have liked to see fly, kept coming. For two other girls, the trip to Germany's Next Top Model was over in this round. First it hit the blonde Simona. Although Heidi gave her a wonderful figure, she did not know how to use it. She had to find herself and learn how to put herself in the limelight, according to Wolfgang Joop. And then again one of his unerring comments came: "She remained exactly what she was: a sweet girl."

Simona out in episode 6

Finally, the jury was still with a picture in front of two candidates: Sarah and Jana. Sarah is lacking personality, Jana is changeable. What weighed more heavily for Heidi Klum, Thomas Hayo and Wolfgang Joop? At the end it was Jana: "Unfortunately, I do not have a picture for you today."

Jana out in a row 6

GNTM - who's out in episode 5?

Hach, was the fifth episode of "Germany's Next Top Model - by Heidi Klum" not heartbreaking? First fairytale uncle Wolfgang Joop Heidis girl moved to tears with a mermaid story. Then tears of joy flowed from Nancy when her friend made her a request in the church (she was practically in the white wedding gown of Kaviar Gauche). And finally, the best friends Antonia and Samantha howled uncontrollably, as the third in the shaky, Lisa, took a photo and it was clear that one of them would leave.

It then hit Antonia, she heard the less popular among candidates: "Unfortunately, I have no photo for you today." What did not surprise so much, because Samantha had made it to Paris Fashion Week after all, she will probably do it at GNTM bring far. And at the end? Howled Wolfgang another round with Heidi and Thomas about having such a heavy job and disappointing so many pretty girls. Hach!

Antonia out in episode 5

GNTM - who's out in episode 4?

Emma and Stefanie wobbled in the third episode, and in episode four they had to dance twice before the jury. With them were Nancy, Jolina and Sara in front of Thomas Hayo, Heidi Klum and guest juror Alessandra Ambrosio. In the end, the journey was over for Emma, ​​with the worst Walk and a botched dance video deciding.

Emma out in episode 4

GNTM - who's out in episode 3?

At the end of episode three, Emma, ​​Stefanie, Jana and Laura had to compete in front of the jury. One of them would not make it to the next round. For Stefanie, the shaking was over quickly, she was on. Jana got her picture next, so it would be between Emma and Laura. Emma? Laura? Somehow, no matter, we could not separate them anyway. Dissolution: Laura had to leave.

Laura out in episode 3

GNTM - who's out in episode 2?

In the second episode, Heidi's girls were all allowed to fly to Los Angeles after a fashion show and snake shoot in Singapore. But would all 23 would-be models move into the model villa? Before that, the jury was still to convince the live walk at the pool, and one did not make it unfortunately. For Franzi it was said: "Unfortunately, I have no model kit for you." Heidi Klum, Thomas Hayo and Wolfgang Joop were indeed that she was a very pretty girl, the missing the potential for modeling but you. Heidi mainly criticized the look and attitude.

But more candidates are missing: Laura H. and Ina left the show voluntarily and for personal reasons. Pauline came to Los Angeles and got out after that, Fata could not continue because unfortunately she did not get a visa. The circle of the remaining top model aspirants is thus getting narrower, the chance of each girl increases and thus certainly the competition!

Everything about Franzi from Bavaria you can read here again!

Franzi out in episode 2

GNTM - who's out in episode 1?

Probably the hardest lot is to retire right away in the first episode. The model contenders, who did not receive a photo of Heidi Klum on February 6, 2014, are likely to remain a marginal note for this ninth season of "Germany's Next Top Model". In total, Heidi Klum and her team took 25 girls on a trip to Singapore. After sightseeing and a first photo shoot in bikini, it was then for the candidates Jill and Lisa S .: "Unfortunately, I have no photo for you today."

Jill had to pack her bags in the first episode. Everything about the candidate with the hat we reveal here!

Jill and Lisa S. out in episode 1

Everything about Heidi Klum is here!

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