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Fuchsia decoration: decorate with fuchsia

Suitable for mini-balconies.
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Shadow Parker

What are these - these fuchsias? And when is their main flowering time?

The shapes of the delicate hanging flower resemble trumpets or bells. They are usually shimmering in purple or rose nuances. Also known as perennials, because the fuchsia flowers from May to October, the ornamental plant is high on the popularity scale of flower lovers and hobby gardeners.

The special feature: These plants are predominantly shade Parker and thrive particularly well when they get little sun. Ideal for small balconies that turn away from the sunny side.

How beautiful you can decorate with fuchsia, we show with our two tips for a creative fuchsia decoration .

1. Balcony box in the shade

For this you need: flower box, expanded clay, potting soil, fuchsia, diligent Lieschen, magic snow

Here's how : 1. To prevent waterlogging, place a layer of expanded clay on the bottom of the box.2. Balcony box in half with earth fill.3. Put the plants in a well-watered place.4. Fill the balcony box with more soil.5. Firmly press plantation and water.

2. In partner look with the planter

On the windowsill, the shadow fan likes to join other decorative elements. Again, beware of traffic jam heat and midday sun. Many species do not tolerate heat very well and can quickly hang their heads. The mild sun in the morning or in the evening, however, is not a problem.

For this you need: paper napkin with fuchsia motif, fuchsias, planters, special lacquer glue

Here's how it works: Rip out the motif from a paper napkin and stick it on simple flower pots with the special-purpose adhesive.

Small rule of thumb for fuchsias: The stronger the color, the brighter the fuchsia can stand. The more delicate, the more shady.

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