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Shitstorm: Victoria's Secret promotes the "perfect body"

Victoria's Secret in the crossfire

This campaign went wrong: lingerie label Victoria's Secret advertises with its most beautiful models for a perfect body, which has for most customers with the reality of little to do. British women were now fighting vehemently against the wrong ideal concept. Now they reacted in marketing and changed the display accordingly.

Victoria's Secret Perfect Body Shitstorm
Photo: Victoria's Secret / PR

Update November 6, 2014, 6:10 pm: Lingerie label Victoria's Secret is changing its advertising campaign

After the splash on Victoria's Secret and a signature collection on the Internet, with the indignant customers an apology and the change of the "Perfect Body" campaign demanded, the label responded now. We still see only super slim models in lingerie on the ad images, but the text is now "A Body For Every Body".

To portray women with normal measurements for the advertising of lingerie, as far as one did not want to go at Victoria's Secret. However, at the rival company Dear Kate, a label for large sizes, they responded promptly smart and published a similar advertising image, just with models, with whom customers can really identify.

The campaign of Victoria's Secret was misleading

The advertising campaign of Victoria's Secret was not exactly what the ad posters look like. Perfect "Body" therefore sees in quotes because a new bra collection of the label is so called. It was still confusing, and countless women who saw the posters in Britain went to the barricades.

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The website, founded by the University of Leeds, has called for a protest and demands a response from Victoria's Secret: the label should "apologize for and modify the irresponsible marketing of its new BH line 'Body'., it says on the page, where previously 765 signatures were collected.

Overreacted or justified anger: It would be time for Victoria's Secret to rethink the choice of his famous angels and hire one or two plus size models for his campaigns. Or what do you mean?

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