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Jackentrend down jacket: The trend jacket from your youth is back

The down jacket is back! And the good thing is that we all still have them in the closet. Juchuuu, just get out, put on clothes and be trendsetter!

Down jackets are back in fashion
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  1. Which down jackets are there?
  2. How to combine the down jacket?
  3. Who are down jackets?

The down jacket is great: it keeps you warm. And that's actually the most important thing about a winter jacket. Ok, you always look a bit like a michelin man, but you can perfectly hibernate with the down jacket. If you want to counteract the Michelin-man-look, you can also combine the down jacket with a belt.

Which down jackets are there?

Down jackets are totally versatile: brightly colored or black, long or short. At the moment you can find various Jackets in all fashion chains. Especially oversize models are currently very popular.

How to combine the down jacket?

You should, however, make sure that you do not combine the down jacket wrong. A long skirt will make you look even wider. A skinny jeans emphasizes your thin legs. If you want to see your silhouette, you can also wear the down jacket on open days.

Who are down jackets?

Down jackets are particularly well-suited for women with thin legs who want to conceal a small tummy. Because under the down a belly or a little bit of bacon is no longer noticeable. Small women should resort to short oversize down jackets. Even narrow down jackets suit smaller women. Tall women can grab all down jackets.

Here you can find our favorite down jackets:

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