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Oblique outfit choice: Do you recognize why?

Keep your eyes open when choosing your outfit!
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Funny fashion panne

The shoes should match the color of the bag, is a fixed fashion rule. But what happens if the outfit involuntarily adapts to its environment?

It's embarrassing enough if you happen to wear the same outfit as your best friend, but it gets even weirder when you realize that you have involuntarily adapted to the hotel decor.

This is exactly what has happened to a holidaymaker who left her hotel room unaware in the morning in t-shirt and shorts with a friend.

Without realizing it, the young woman had put on a T-shirt that just happened to look exactly like the decor of the hotel lobby. Her friends immediately took a photo with the comment: "My girlfriend happened to check into this hotel and then it happened ..."

There are coincidences ... they do not exist! Or is it?

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