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Jennifer Love Hewitt takes pictures in the bathtub

Naughty advertisement on Twitter: Jennifer Love Hewitt naked in the foam

Jennifer Love Hewitt / Twitter

Jennifer Love Hewitt is always in favor of having sexy messages via the web. She enjoys photographing herself in private situations, and while we were allowed to admire her completely unpainted a few days ago, she went one step further. She set a picture on her Twitter profile, which shows her splashing in the bathtub. Of course, she has nothing on her body but a little foam. A case of morbid message need? Not quite, the actress advertised her new series "The Client List". "Who wants to be on my list?", She asked cheekily, sparking a Twitter storm. Jennifer Love Hewitt tweeted "intimate" from the set of her new seriesAnother recording proves that Jennifer Love Hewitt is indeed not alone at home was on the road, but on the set, surrounded by a camera crew. The shot is less intimate with that, but her male fans were nevertheless enthusiastic. Recently, she campaigned for the new show with a photo that shows her with an extremely deep cleavage in an erotic pose. Promising advertising understands the brunette bombshell so anyway.SE