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A tampon to share - for really best friends

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You share everything with your best friend? How about a tampon?

Best friends like to share. But also a tampon? The makers of "Friends Forever Tampons" at least assume and made this crazy invention.

It is said that really good friends at some point have their days at the same time. Now you can go one step further and share a tampon!

So ... yes ... when we heard about it, our first thought was just "Eeeewwwww" and "WHY?!?".

But yes, they do exist: tampons for best friends. Blood Sisters, so to speak!

And this is how they look like:

Photo: Friends Forever tampons

Yes, these tampons are really available to buy. So far only in the US in selected stores in New York, but "Friends Forever Tampons" founder Kat Thek wrote us by e-mail that it will be her invention from the end of August in France and from early September in Iceland.

There are two cotton tampons, as we know them, connected by a string about 70 centimeters long.

Girlfriends who are doing really well - and best of all at the same time - can wear these tampons and get closer to them than ever before. So really close. Can you even wear clothes with the tampons in there? Can you do anything at all, as long as you're connected with your best friend - down there - over a short string?

To what it is to wear these tampons in everyday life, Kat has unfortunately not written anything to us. Also other media on demand not.

But what she has revealed to The Cut: Binding for best friends are also in the works! And for those who have more than one best friend, there will be multiple tampons! She also suggests that she can make the tampons with extra long strings - for best friends who live further away from each other.

If we have been waiting for anything in our lives, then it!

Joking aside. We do not think anyone seriously ever wore, wears or even wears these tampons. But the face of the friend, if you jokingly give her a box "Friends Forever Tampons" must be priceless!

Here you can read about exactly where to buy the tampons ...

Photo: Friends Forever tampons

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