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The Great Gatsby: Fashion like in the Roaring Twenties

Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan in "The Great Gatsby"
Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Swinging and sophisticated!

The '20s are back and with them' flapper dresses' with low waist, art deco pattern and the dandy look.

Jazz-Age is in the air - that's why " The Great Gatsby " is coming to the cinemas (start: 16.05.2013): with Leonardo DiCaprio (38) and Carey Mulligan (27).

The influence of the stars is not to be underestimated in fashion. Looking at Hollywood, one can guess the importance of the film premiere of "The Great Gatsby" for the stylings. For in addition to flapper dresses in the 20s style, vintage hairstyles celebrate the new femininity. From girlish variations to diva glam everything is allowed ...

Like the original from 1974 (starring Robert Redford and Mia Farrow), the 2013 version of the film takes us back to a time of economic boom. The company enjoyed an opulent life and revealing styling. Charleston dresses that showed the knee, swimwear with shorts - all a revolution then. And today? Are there any beautiful reinterpretations with elegant designs.

The glittering dress of the Roaring Twenties is experiencing a revival. In the gallery we show fashion with swinging styling partners. Dress up and dance Charleston!

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