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Dead body found witnesses wanted: Woman found dead in Gelsenkirchen

In Gelsenkirchen, a man found his dead girlfriend on a driveway. Now the police are looking for witnesses. The woman was apparently killed by a stranger.

In Gelsenkirchen a body was found - now the police are looking for witnesses.
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Every day the woman went with her dog Gassi. Until she did not come back on Monday morning. For her 56-year-old man suddenly got a strange call: The giant schnauzer his girlfriend was delivered to the shelter because he ran around freely.

Immediately, her partner was looking for the 63-year-olds. But he came too late: At the driveway to a substation, the man had to find his girlfriend dead.

According to media reports, the woman was said to be covered in blood. Apparently, a stranger had attacked and killed her. The tragedy shakes Gelsenkirchen - and all of Germany. Further details have not been released for tactical reasons.

Now the police is looking for witnesses who were on the 27.03.2017 between 07.30 o'clock and 08.30 o'clock in the area of ​​the Wiedehopfstraße in Gelsenkirchen. There is both the substation, as well as the central landfill.

Anyone who has evidence or has witnessed unusual events will be asked by the police to call 0209 / 365-7112

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