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Pierce Brosnan: The cancer robbed him first of all the wife - and now his daughter

Pierce Brosnan and his daughter Charlotte.
Photo: WireImage

New, dramatic stroke of fate!

The organ is ringing, all eyes are on the attractive "James Bond" hero and the beautiful, somewhat tired-looking woman at his side. It is Hollywood star Pierce Brosnan (60), who leads his daughter Charlotte (41) to the wedding altar.

Two weeks later, the bride is dead. She had fought in vain against her ovarian cancer. For three years, but death knows no mercy.

Left behind are her newly wedded husband Alex Smith (42), daughter Isabella (15) and son Lucas (8). Their pain is immeasurable. Pierce Brosnan also suffers a lot: The cancer had robbed him of his first wife - and now his daughter.

It's like a curse: years ago, her grandmother died of the same disease. Memories awake with Pierce Brosnan. Memories of his great love Cassandra, whom he married in 1980. He adopted her children from her first marriage: daughter Charlotte and son Christopher (40).

When the common son Sean (30) was born in 1983, happiness was perfect. But then his mother-in-law died and in 1991 also wife Cassandra died of cancer .

Only ten years later, the widower married his second wife Keely (49). They got the sons Dylan (16) and Paris (12). But also with his adopted children from his first marriage Pierce Brosnan remained closely connected.

He immediately stopped shooting

When Pierce Brosnan learned that Charlotte's condition was getting worse, he immediately stopped filming in Eastern Europe to assist the terminally ill in London.

"On June 28 at 2 pm, my beloved daughter Charlotte Emily has passed into eternal life ..." Pierce Brosnan announced after her death. What a tragedy, only two weeks after he led her to the altar ...