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WhatsApp: Tips and tricks for chatting

Chat with WhatsApp - a snap with these tips and tricks.
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SMS was yesterday. If you want to save money, you can use chat services like WhatsApp . And this app can do something: not only texts, pictures and videos can be sent. Also voice recordings, contacts and locations can be exchanged (almost) for free. Even the Facebook Messenger can not keep up.

WhatsApp is free for the first year. After that, the use costs a mere 89 cents a year. It's worth it! However, you have to have an internet connection, because everything is running on the internet. That's what makes WhatsApp so cheap.

And so that chatting with WhatsApp works really well, here are the best tips & tricks ...

1. Create profile and profile picture

With WhatsApp the contacts are taken over from the own directory. Since this may also be linked to colleagues, it is recommended that you do not use too wild a profile picture. However, those who are only connected with close friends can, of course, give free rein to their creativity ...

2. Contacts on the home screen

WhatsApp can save the most important contacts in the Android on the start screen. That's worth it for Viel-Chatter. A conversation can not start faster.

3. Create groups

If you want to talk to several people or plan something, it is worth creating a group. This is easily done via the menu on the Android phone or above the iPhone via "New Group".

4. Check the check mark

Anyone who chats with WhatsApp will notice the check marks behind a message. These indicate whether a message has arrived: a check mark and the message has arrived at WhatsApp, two check marks and the recipient has received the message. In group conversations, there is only one check mark.

5. Forward chats

On the iPhone via editing or a long press on a chat message and the same can be forwarded to others. The Android works on the arrow above right, which appears when you press a little longer on a message. Select recipient and off the post goes!

6. Mute

If the constant chatter in a group gets on your nerves, you can just cut it out in the short term. About "Info" and "mute" on the iPhone or via the menu and "silent" on Android you have so once his peace. You can specify how the group should be muted for 8 hours, 1 day, or 1 week. Of course you can also leave the group again if necessary.

7. Use emoticons

Smileys are funny and many Chatter can not do without them. On Android you can find the emoticons just to the left of the text field. Click on the smiley field and a list of all symbols will appear. On the iPhone, emoticons must first be activated. This is done under the general settings and "keyboard", "add keyboard". Emojis can be unlocked here and now be used in WhatsApp after clicking on the globe.

8. Tell location

Do not feel like big explanations where to meet? Allow localization on the phone or do GPS and click on the arrow to the left of the iPhone on the iPhone. The Android works on the paper clip. Send location and the meeting is nothing in the way.

9. Block Chatter

Is there a dispute with another Chatter? Then you can just "block" it in the chat settings. Of course you can "unblock" contacts again.

10. Remove timestamp

The default setting in WhatsApp allows others to see when they last used the app. Does everyone have to know? No! With the iPhone, this can be done easily via the chat settings and "Advanced". For the Android you need extra for an app, eg "Block WhatsApp Last Seen" for 79 cents).

11. Personalize the background

With WhatsApp you can choose the chat background yourself, also in the chat settings. Either you take a finished picture or take your own.

12. Automatically sync photos

If you frequently receive photos via WhatsApp and would like to have them on your mobile phone in the photo gallery, you can specify in the chat settings that all photos are automatically transferred there. Some smartphones do that too automatically.

13. Define notification type

Are the constant sounds on the arrival of a message annoying? In the chat settings can also be set whether you prefer to be informed with sound or vibration on new messages. Of course you can change that, eg for important meetings.

14. Chat faster

If the chatting takes too long, you can increase your typing speed significantly with little tips . So you can make the Enter button on the chat settings to send button. If you want it even faster, you can simply wipe with additional apps like SwiftKey (3.99 Euro) instead of typing. The app recognizes and learns words automatically. On some smartphones SwiftKey is already preinstalled. It could not be faster ...

For different smartphones and versions of the app, the functions are similar.