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There has never been this: Nutella Zero without calories and fat

Juchuuu. Finally there is Nutella without calories and without fat. A dream becomes true!

Actually, everything is fat and low in calories: ice cream, chips, gummy bears. Why not our favorite spread Nutella ? That was probably thought of at Ferrero and now developed for the first time Nutella Zero. A dream comes true: Finally, we can all feast on Nutella without thinking of the consequences and the hip gold. Juhuchhhhhuuuuu, that sounds too good to be true ...

Yes, we are sorry, because Nutella without fat and calories, of course, does not exist. Nutella Zero is an invention for our April Fool's joke. But that's just fine, because what would life be without greasy, sweet Nutella. Gaaaaanz sad, we find!

The feeling of biting into a delicious Nutella bread with real Nutella will never be able to replace Nutella light, because every once in a while you have to treat yourself to something in life. Without worrying about the fat on your hips or the pimple tomorrow morning. And then it may also be a Nutella bread, a spoon or the whole glass. YOLO!

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