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Activated carbon pimples? You can do that to get pure, fine-pored skin!

Your skin tends to pimples from time to time? That does not have to be! We'll tell you how to effectively cleanse your facial skin - without irritating it unnecessarily!

Your skin tends to blemishes? We'll tell you, we'll take care of you!
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Impurities, such as blackheads or small pimples, can have a number of causes: stress, one-sided nutrition and improper care can bring our skin out of balance. What we need now is a type-appropriate care that does not irritate our skin unnecessarily, but cleanses. True to the motto ' less is more' we rely on selected natural cosmetics of which we are really convinced.

There again: the facial soap

For the daily, pore-deep cleansing of our face we rely on a well-tried classic: the facial soap. But stop! Anyone who thinks about exciting, dry skin is wrong. Meanwhile, more and more manufacturers are discovering the benefits of facial soap bars and have compelling beauty tools in their assortment.

Facial soap made in Korea

Korean cosmetics have long been pioneers in innovation. So it is obvious that our favorite against impure skin comes from a Korean label. We have found what we are looking for with the natural cosmetics brand BINU . The young label has developed the vegan Bamboo Charcoal Facial Soap especially for impure skin, whose main ingredient is bamboo activated charcoal. This is particularly rich in minerals and cleanses your skin by gently exfoliating pores. For sufficient refatting provide vegetable oils. In addition, it is hypoallergenic, as it completely dispenses with fragrances and preservatives. Sounds good? It is!

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What can the black facial soap do?

  1. It cleans pore-deep with bamboo activated carbon.
  2. It does not dry out your skin, because vegetable oils, such as virgin coconut oil, olive oil and sunflower oil preserve the natural moisture.
  3. Carbon particles gently exfoliate
  4. Bamboo wood vinegar clarifies
  5. Antibacterial hinoki water protects

How do I apply the black facial soap?

Every day! The Bamboo Charcoal Facial Soap is so mild that you can easily use it for your daily mornings, mornings and evenings.

  • With lukewarm water you gently foaming your soap.
  • Now you spread the foam on your face.
  • Do not worry: The black facial soap is so mild that it does not matter if a bit of foam comes to your eyes.
  • Then rinse the soapy water with warm water thoroughly.
  • During the day we recommend to use a moisturizing, fat-free day cream.
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You would like more information about facial soaps? Here you will find even more interesting facts about the facial soap and the Korean label BINU :

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What kind of natural cosmetics works against pimples?

In addition to BINU, there are other promising newcomers in natural cosmetics who have innovative products for blemished skin.

For example, we like to use the mild facial soap MEERSALZ & SHEABUTTER from I want you nacked . Mineral-rich sea salt has an antiseptic effect and shea butter protects the skin against damaging environmental influences.

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Or how about a face mask with mud from the dead sea? The NaturaPur facial mask is ideal for treating pimples and blackheads, minimizes pores and visibly refines your complexion.