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Bandeau bikinis: Streak-free tan for after-shopping

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  1. Never again bikini straps
  2. What exactly is a bandeau bikini?
  3. Where can I buy Badeau bikinis?
  4. To which figure do bandeau bikinis fit?

Never again bikini straps

A brown complexion is just great in the summer - if there were not always these bikini straps. Stop it! We say: long live the bandeau bikini!

Finally vacation! Now, of course, it means: off to the beach and soak up the sun. According to our standards, we naturally slip into beautiful swimwear to throw ourselves in the surf. Gorgeous! After two weeks of taning, the skin is wonderfully sun kissed and the hair brightened up nicely. Relaxed it goes back to everyday life. But what is that ?! The bikini stripes of the wearer light up unsightly under the office shell. Too stupid! If you had decided before the holiday for a bandeau bikini.

What exactly is a bandeau bikini?

A bandeau bikini is a swimwear top, which - unlike a traditional bikini - has no straps. Usually, the bandeau bikini is clipped on the back or tied into a bow. He is classically cut relatively straight. In order to have the certainty that everything stays in place while swimming, some bandeau bikinis have a central ring plus a band which is tied at the nape of the neck. Meanwhile, there are also many bikinis in bra form, which have removable straps. So these models make every sun and bathing fun - and you stay browned streak-free.

Where can I buy Badeau bikinis?

This form of bikini top has now established itself in every shop. They are available in all shapes and colors. Here is a selection that gives a good impression of the diversity of bandeau bikinis:

To which figure do bandeau bikinis fit?

The best are bandeau bikinis women who have a small bust size. The bandeau bikini has a disadvantage for all women with big breasts: He gives the bust barely a stop. That's why women with A and B cups are most ideally advised with a bandeau top. Women with an X-figure are also welcome to use the bandeau bikini. Explanation: Women with this type of figure have an hourglass body. That is, the hips and shoulders are about the same circumference, the waist is narrow. If you would like to wear a bandeau top, but find your breasts too small, you will find models with ruffles and ruffles. These wear visually and conjure up more volume.

So, and now it says: Never again bikini stripe of the wearer after the holiday ...

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