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Little Leonore: New information about baptism

The countdown is running

Royal baptisms are just as exciting as royal weddings. The fans of the Royals therefore want to know as much as possible in advance every detail about it. So it is in the case of little Leonore . The daughter of Princess Madeleine and her husband Chris is christened on 8 June, which the yard in Stockholm uses as an opportunity to publish little by little information about the ceremony.

In a nutshell: Place, time and procedure have already been announced, now followed details of worship and christening gown. What is missing then are the names of the godparents and the (important) guests. These secrets will probably be revealed only at the last moment.

Now, however, the court published news about equipment and organization. The approximately 160 guests from 11 o'clock to take their seats, so that the service in the castle church of Drottningholm can start punctually at 12 clock, was announced a few days ago. Likewise, at 1:15 pm, King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia ask for a reception in the castle. But now we also know who will celebrate the baptism service. There are three church dignitaries: Archbishop Anders Wejryd, chaplain Lars-Göran Lönnermark and court pastor Michael Bjerkhagen.

Eleonore is baptized with spring water from the island Öland. It will be located in a silver basin, which was donated in 1728. The bowl is held by a golden putty made of wood, which was made around 1680 in the Stockholm workshop of Burchard Precht.

Leonore's christening gown, a creation of cotton and silk with a small cape, has, as customary in royalty, tradition. It was first worn by King Carl Gustaf's father, Hereditary Prince Gustav Adolf, who was baptized in 1906. He did not become king, he died in 1947 in a plane crash in Copenhagen.