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Udo Jürgens about his hairdressing habits!

Udo Jürgens prefers to read the newspaper at the barber's.
Photo: Getty Images

How he likes to have his hair cut ...

When women go to the hairdresser they trust, they like to tell what has happened since their last haircut. And how do you like men to cut their hair? Silent - at least when it comes to Udo Jürgens (78).

"When asked by his hairdresser how he would have cut his hair, my father answered:" Silent! "Then he cut his hair silently all his life. I think that's great, "he says to" Glanz und Gloria ".

While his hairdresser cuts his hair, he likes to read his newspaper alone. Then his hairdresser, the celebrity hairdresser Jean-Marie Cannazza from Switzerland, could concentrate fully on his work. Before and after Udo Jürgens speaks with him. Especially talking to the hairdresser before haircut is a good idea ... Not that something completely different comes out of it than you imagined.