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Simple knitting instructions for pot jewelry

Cool idea: Old clay pots we just pull something pretty
Photo: Gräfe and Unzer / Jochen Arndt

Air on knitting

A simple way to beautify your old clay pots: Simply knit a new garment for your flowerpots. Here are the instructions.

Finished size: height about 18 cm, diameter 17 cm, circumference about 54 cm

You need this for the pot jewelry:

  • Mixed yarn (50% cotton, 50% acrylic, 80m / 50g), 100g in dark gray, eg McWool Cotton Mix 80 by Lana Grossa
  • Circular Needle No. 5, length 60 cm
  • 2 Needle Games No. 5
  • Crochet hook No. 5
  • 1 glass bowl, height 20 cm, ø 18 cm, z. Eg "Cylinder" from Ikea

The complete knitting instructions for download can be found here!

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