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Despite Plus-Size: I now carry everything I want

Why not wear what you like because you're fat
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Who determines what a woman with curves is allowed to wear and what not?

For many years, plus-size women have not been interested in fashion. Why? Because the fashion industry was not interested in her. That's exactly what happened to me for a very long time. Why go to the shops, when there is nothing in my size anyway?

Beautiful plus-size fashion off the shelf has not been around for so long. Luckily, a lot has happened there. In the past, fat women flocked to Ulla Pöpken stores. That is no longer necessary today. H & M, C & A or Mango: Almost all big chains now have plus-size fashion on the screen.

But the problems remain: what is wrong with me; what can I wear; what is portable in size 48? Many women who look like me (small and wide) are hard at picking. Often we end up in black long sweaters, which are worn over tights or leggings (my former standard outfit).

But why? Who actually decides that I can not wear the clothes I think are overweight?

What I would never have worn before:

Tops that might slip up by accident and show a mini-gap from my stomach.

Jeans: Because jeans are just the trickiest garment in plus-size sizes. They have to sit and unfortunately they do not usually do that in size 48.

Everything that is a bit sexy. Because sexy and fat in my head did not match at all.

But then the fashion eventually began to interest even fat women. First plus-size fashion bloggers became famous. And I was fascinated. And with the looks they presented, my desire to dress more excited grew. And the fear of what people might think about wearing a skirt without tights or a top without sleeves.

Today it is normal for me to dress like all the other young women on the street. Skinny jeans no problem, tight clothes or high heels: Today I'm no longer afraid of clothes, because I know that I'm not alone with my lust for fashion as a plus-size woman.