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Ship your Enemies Glitter: glitter letters for the dearest enemies

A handful of glitter complacent ?!
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This post should not open better

Okay, there is somebody you really, really disliked. Someone who should be wiped out one time. But how do you do that in style? We have a suggestion ...

The ugly ideas one can have when one wants to take revenge on someone, ranging from rumors spread to full-fledged offenses. Such things should be better avoided, because there is now a method that is a lot prettier (and less harmful).

Less than a week old, the website is already a hit on the internet. There is a very special service offered: glitter by mail - for ten Australian dollars!

Why send somebody shimmering dust if you do not like him? Quite simple, the small particles just stick EVERYWHERE and are so easy not to get out of the apartment, the clothes and of themselves. At the post-revenge service the entrants will have their pleasure for a long time.

In the near future we would like to see twice if our post office does not come from Ship your Enemies Glitter ...