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Nostradamus' Prophecies for 2016

Some of the prophecies of Nostredamus are frightening.
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  1. Longer life
  2. The western world will abolish taxes
  3. For babies it will need a permit
  4. Massive earthquakes
  5. The third world war is to come
  6. Vesuvius will erupt again
  7. People will make peace with the animals
  8. It will create a world language

Nostradamus prophesied: World War III will come

The prophecies of the French pharmacist Nostradamus are world famous. Scholars in all countries have been studying interpretations of their predictions for many decades. Many things have already happened, such as the French Revolution and the fate of Napoleon are in line with the predictions of Nostradamus, which he had published 200 years earlier. Nostradamus worked as a doctor and astrologer - during his lifetime as well as far beyond his death, he influenced the people worldwide.

The prophecies he published in 1550 contain predictions up to the year 3797. These are the prophecies for the year 2016. Whether they will really come true - we can only wait.

The prophecies of Nostradamus for 2016

Longer life

Nostradamus predicted that people born in 2016 will be more than 200 years old.

The western world will abolish taxes

According to Nostradamus, there will be a major revolt in 2016, as a result of which taxes will be abolished forever. We would have absolutely nothing against this change ... only a bloody revolt it must not be.

For babies it will need a permit

In this prophecy Nostradamus has lost a few years. He predicted that in 2016 he would need a permit to have children. This sad regulation has become reality in China years ago. It was not until January 2016 that the one-child rule was abolished. Now, however, only two children are allowed per parent. It is only to be hoped that such regulations will never exist in other countries. However, the ever-growing world population already leads to massive problems today, for example with regard to nutrition and energy supply.

Massive earthquakes

The United States is to be shaken in 2016 by a major earthquake that is expected to be felt throughout the world. Even with this prophecy, we can only pray that it will not come true, because even smaller quakes cause over and over again in the whole world for massive destruction.

The third world war is to come

This prophecy is what worries us most. Nostradamus predicted the beginning of World War III in 2016. He should begin with the appearance of a comet. Which comet could be that is unclear, for this year several comets in sight for astronomical telescopes are expected.

Vesuvius will erupt again

Mount Vesuvius is an active volcano located near the Italian city of Naples. Nostradamus has prophesied that he will erupt again in 2016. However, scientists have contradicted this prophecy. They do not think that the volcano will be active again so soon.

People will make peace with the animals

Nostradamus wrote: "Pigs will be like brothers to people." How exactly that could be meant is interpreted differently. Some interpreters of the prophecies believe that this could be an indication that humans stop slaughtering animals. Others believe that a technique will be developed that will allow people to talk to animals.

Given the evolution of factory farming and slaughter, we also can not fully believe that the slaughterhouse is in sight. Far too many people like to eat meat.

It will create a world language

Nostradamus' prophecy states: "After the invention of a new engine, the world will be as it was in the days before Babel." Many commentators of his writings believe that the engine could be the Internet and that the world language could be created by the same technique everywhere.

All in all, these are pretty bleak predictions. However, it must also be said that the prophecies of Nostradamus are sometimes very vague and, for example, dates that he has mentioned were incorrect. In this respect, it may well be that these predictions do not arrive at all.


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