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Maite Kelly "I want to encourage chubby women

For years Maite Kelly was struggling with her pounds. Today she is self-confident.
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Moving appearance

She whirls across the floor like no other. In the new season of "Let's Dance" Maite Kelly (31) steals the show from her slender competitors and dances into our hearts. In an interview she talks about figure problems and diet frustration.

Her performances move millions of women. How do you feel? Maite Kelly: I'm just living my dream! As a little girl, I always wanted to be a dancer. I've buried that in me, and finally I'm allowed to live it. What kind of reactions do you get from the audience? Maite Kelly: I get a lot of encouragement from everywhere. Many say that my appearance gave them courage to sign up for a dance school. I want to be a role model for chubby women. Many think it's great that I dare to be me - with all my stigma. Did you have any doubts as to whether "Let's Dance" is right for you? Maite Kelly: Of course. Because I do not want the audience to be ashamed. Because they may see a chubby woman who is awkward and strained. I said from the beginning that I want to do it well. That was very important to me. Your ballet teacher once told you that you are too fat for dancing ... Maite Kelly: I was 14 years old at the time and it hurt me a lot. I would never have thought that I would have so much success with a dance show. Everyone has the painful experience of being underestimated. It's great to be able to prove the opposite now. That's why I do not care about sore muscles and pain. My dance partner is with me - thick legs or not. It is good because you are perceived as a human being. Did you get a new sense of body through dancing? Maite Kelly: Yes. I may look more like a fat cat. But I feel like a lithe cat.

Do you make diets? Maite Kelly: No, that just frustrated me at some point. Extreme diets cause me mood swings. But of course I have a responsibility for my body and make sure not to increase it. So does not size 36 make you happier? Maite Kelly: Anyone who feels comfortable in his body is happy. No matter what size you wear. One is the 36, the other is the curves. If I imagine that there are women vomiting to become thinner, then I feel really bad. Good men, like mine, love their wives the way they are. Unfortunately, we are always our biggest critics. Would you be happy if your deceased parents would notice the success? Maite Kelly: I know you know it. Sometimes when dancing, I feel that they are very close. That's overwhelming! Are the Kellys coming back? Maite Kelly: Maybe not now, but in two years. It does not have to be a big tour, but a concert with everyone would be nice.

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