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The power of intuition

Report: Inner voice

Sudden inspirations, hunches or anticipated dreams: Each of us has experienced something like this before. But do you also listen to your inner voice?

These eight JOY readers did it.

"I saw in a dream, how he betrayed me" Nathalie, 25, a student, from Frankfurt

As a budding business lawyer, I'm a rational person in and of itself. Numbers, facts, that's my world. I have never had inexplicable forebodings and do not incline to unreflective decisions. It hit me completely unprepared, when I had a Wahrtraum in the summer of 2006, which threw me in its force completely off track!

Back then I had been with Simon for two years, we also lived together. Our love was beautiful, we had a close relationship and Simon never gave me cause for distrust. That's why I had nothing against it, as he wanted to spend a men's vacation in Corsica with four buddies in the summer of 2006.

He was barely three days away when I had this dream: Simon was sitting with a sweet, blond girl naked and tightly entwined in a whirlpool. I woke up, already crying in my sleep and trembling uncontrollably - I was completely exhausted! When I slowly regrouped, something deep inside said: Go! Take a look!

"Simon fell from all clouds!"

I decided to book a flight to Corsica the next day, the next day I was there. Barely arrived at the hotel I ran to the pool - and could not believe my eyes: Simon actually came to me with a blonde girl in the arm! Although not naked, she also looked different than in my dream. But otherwise everything was right! He did not see me, even though I stood directly in his path, so much did the two turtle.

I immediately confronted him. Of course, Simon fell from all clouds! He stuttered something like that, that would not be serious and so on. Anyway, the next day I flew back, packed my stuff and moved out of the apartment.

That was an incredible story, and frankly, I've never told my friends much about how Simon got separated from me. They would have thought me stupid - and I can not explain it! But for me, I have made a decision: If my inner voice once again send me such a warning, I will pay attention to it in any case. There is more between heaven and earth than we suspect!

"It was a top offer - but I refused!" Jasmin, 21, Promoter, from Berlin

It was in March 2009 when I applied to a posh promotion agency as an intern. It sounded like the absolute dream: you pay 400 euros, I should plan great actions and learn everything that you need as a PR assistant. Still on the way home came the call that I had the job.

I was hovering with happiness hormones like on cloud nine. But somewhere in me a alarm bell rang simultaneously. It felt like insecurity, fear that I would not like it there. I called and spontaneously canceled the job. Totally stupid!

For three days I felt like I had to bite my ass from morning to night. Until I came across the ad of a modeling agency, a cute little company with a living room atmosphere and a very warmhearted team. It was perfect, after only three months I got there 1, 500 euros per month instead of 400! My intuition then told me the right thing: wait a while!

"My feeling has never deceived me" Jana, 20, beautician, Sinzheim

A woman senses when a man cheats on her - this sentence applies to me completely! My friend and I have been together for four years. First everything was wonderful, Honeymoon, great love. Then suddenly, six months ago, a strange feeling crept into my everyday life: I became suspicious!

When Vasili told me he had late work in his paper mill, I suddenly got sweaty hands and palpitations. And I know that, my feeling has never deceived me there! I asked him if there was another woman, he kissed me and affectionately said: "Of course not!" He was really convincing. But I still had that bad idea. I decided to spy on him!

When I was waiting for him in his apartment - we were not together yet - I went to his computer. And what did I find? His profile on a sex site! He was even stupid enough to bookmark the page jumping portal "First Affair" - with a password. So I could read all his mails!

"My intuition tells me that I can trust in it"

In the beginning I thought it would be just a joke, until I came across the mails of a certain "Hotdevil", who wrote how excited she was last night! The date matched one of the days when my friend supposedly worked overtime. I found more mails of this kind. Horrified and resolved, I searched his desk and found a second mobile phone card!

When my friend came home from the night shift, I made him a huge scene, cried, screamed, but he claimed his cousin had signed in with his picture, he forgot the cell phone card PIN, and so on. For me it was over.

After a week, he showed up last December after he had drunk his courage. He admitted that he had screwed up, but said that it was my fault too. I always made him feel like I was better than him. And I felt that he was right somewhere.

I used to tell him very often that I was the best thing that could happen to him - because I wanted to tie him to me. But he got confirmation from other women. I thought a lot and saw my mistake, and he too.

This story has made me pay more attention to Wassilis feelings. Meanwhile, we are looking for a shared apartment and want to marry this year! My intuition tells me that I can trust in it - because I know that I would feel it if something is wrong.

"First I thought it was wedding panic ..." Iris, 29, model, from Munich

To properly describe what that feels like, I still can not. When my intuition struck, it was as if a curtain had opened and I saw what I could not see before - and that was my own wedding!

My ex Jakob and I had experienced a real love of lightning. I had met him when he drove me in the summer of 2006 on the Munich Leopoldstraße almost in the car. For two weeks he sent flowers, gave me gifts, he was sweet, tall, broad-shouldered, faithful dog-looking, Harvard graduate, successful business consultant, who no longer had to work and his life's dream to pursue a medical degree. I was quickly in love.

In August he made me a marriage proposal with a sinful ring, in October we moved into a luxury apartment - 3, 200 euros per month. And I was in the lease! One evening we were eating - he kept cooking me - and suddenly I had a weird feeling. A "There's something wrong, " but I dismissed it as a pre-wedding panic.

"When he realized that I knew, he left the country"

A few days later the feeling returned. We sat with friends in our kitchen with the cheese fondue, I kept my bread in the cheese, while he told a story about one of his travels. "Everything is not right, " something inside me reported. The next morning, as soon as he was out the door, I raced to his study. I flipped through his bank statements, checked his computer - and found myself terribly lousy.

Actually, I just wanted to be sure that I was crazy so that I would not snub him at some point with baseless suspicions. But my intuition was 100% correct - Jakob was an unemployed cook! He studied with fake Abi and was never a business consultant. But for insurance fraudsters.

He had told me about a break-in a year ago and I also found the insurance report - 30, 000 euros. But all things that were supposedly stolen were in our apartment! After consulting with my mother, I packed my valuables, parked them with my grandmother in the safe and made good face to the bad game until I could dissolve the lease. When he realized that I knew, he left the country. My intuition had saved me from a marriage swindler!

"Suddenly I did not care about my career" Mirja, 29, self-employed hair & make-up artist, from Hamburg

I used to always try to decide everything with my head and mind. This is different now - since my first experience with real intuition: I was taken over after my training at Marlies Möller in Hamburg as a companion, a huge fortune. I liked my job, the clients, was successful, the money was right and the career prospects were fantastic.

But throughout my life I was haunted by an inner unrest that became unbearable during those months. I felt like I was locked up in a golden cage, and felt an unbridled yearning for freedom. One day my boss called me into the back room, gave me a benevolent smile and offered me a jump up the career ladder. Suddenly I got restless, fidgeting - and knew I had to open a completely different door.

I quit during the call and bought a plane ticket to Bangkok on the same day. I traveled around Thailand for three months and then knew what I wanted to do - start my own business! But the best part was: From the moment of the termination I did not feel locked in anymore, but only really grateful! For my great education, for my family, my friends and also for myself and my life.

After my return I worked as a hair and make-up artist in Hamburg, now and then I cut hair in living rooms, then again I have great jobs in film. I can not earn as much as I used to - but I have found my inner peace. And I know now that I can trust my intuition one hundred percent!

"If only I had listened to this strange stomachache!" Lisa-Marie, 24, student, from Cologne / Bexbach

It was nice to hear that I have an inner voice that warns me reliably against wrong decisions. But it would have been even better if I had recognized this a little earlier!

It was in September 2009, I wanted to move from my home in the Saarland to Cologne, to start my studies in media management. I looked at a small studio apartment in Cologne Kalk, the tenant, who introduced himself as Mr. Celani, said that he would go to Munich for a year and therefore sublet - with all the furniture. I had a good buddy with me, the two of them finally knocked on their shoulders and everything was clear.

Mr Celani wanted the bail of 550 euros when signing the contract. The next day we met because of this, I gave him the money and got a receipt. I was to move in a week later. But the moment I turned around and got into the car, I had a strange feeling, somehow stomach ache. I should have turned around and blew everything off, but instead I drove home to Saarland.

To make it short: Mr. Celani was never reachable from there! When I went to Cologne again, the real landlady was in "my" apartment and the police told me then that would be against this Celani seven ads. He was never caught!

"I left the tsunami" Nici, 25, student, from Eichstätt

It was just before Christmas 2004. My friend Seraina and I had a dream come true and were on a long journey through Southeast Asia. We stood on a mountain in Cambodia to visit a dilapidated ghost hotel. Christmas, we wanted to meet with another friend, Vera, to spend the holidays and New Year's Eve on the island of Koh Lipe, a small side island of Phuket.

We were already weeks in the jungle, I was fed up and finally wanted to a beautiful white beach. Suddenly Seraina's cell phone rang. After a few minutes of conversation, Seraina turned to me and said, "Hey, that's Vera, she wanted to ask ..." when I heard myself screaming, "Yeah, yeah, let's go to Laos!" And that, even though I did could not know Vera had just talked about it with Seraina!

It was as if I heard a stranger talking, and I felt an immense inner pressure! Immediately I was very embarrassed, as the other Germans around us laughed and asked me if it was my biggest dream to go to Laos - which it never was! Seraina laughed too and said, "Well, if you insist on it, we'll go there instead of the island!"

In retrospect, one could say that Vera also had an intuition. Because the terrible tsunami on December 26, which also swept across Koh Lipe, 230, 000 people were killed - we seem to have saved some kind of early warning system. And I think mine has been preserved. In extreme situations I trust completely my feeling. In case of danger, I feel this strong pressure and - if the path was right - a warm, strong sense of security!

"Finally I found the courage to follow my inner voice" Svenja, 23, nurse, from Munich

Feeling always rules me over reason and intuition accompanies me through the whole day, not just when official decisions are made. Since 2007 I follow them consistently, before I had the courage to do so! After puberty, I was depressed and impotent. I had quit school because the way did not feel right. I also fell in love with friends and family.

Two years ago, the idea of ​​changing my place of residence came from nowhere. I got excited, restless and was suddenly full of energy. When I also knew that I had to expect a great love, I really longed for this "someone". I picked out Munich, for no reason, applied for a nursing education and got the place to 1.10.2007 - two weeks after my "fixed idea".

The farewell from my home Gelsdorf near Bonn was easy for me, I knew that from now on everything would be fine. At the welcome party in my new job, I got to know him: my "someone". Moritz his name is, we immediately fell in love. I used to suppress my inner promptings many times, and I think that helped me to do so little with myself. Now I know that ignoring the inner voice can literally make you sick - and that you find happiness when you listen to it.

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