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Igitt: Lady Gaga suffered a pee-pee on stage

Lady Gaga is said to have relieved her bladder during a performance

lady gaga 090209

Lady Gaga / Amsterdam 2010 / ©

Normally, Lady Gaga gets talked about with planned scandalous appearances, and while sometimes having to worry about her sanity, at least one concept is behind her actions. Now, however, an accident has become known that is more than a little embarrassing. "" reports that the Pop-Queen had to go for a show in Amsterdam last year for little monsters, but not made it to the toilet and her bubble eased in the middle of the stage. Just to have emerged photo material that clearly proves the pee-pee. While she was offering her song "Alejandro" and was blown up by a backup dancer, a clear beam has come from her fetish outfit. Does Lady Gaga lose control of her bodily functions in stage ecstasy? The "IF" picture agency is supposed to Recorded shots of the mishap, but so far, no photo of it has surfaced on the Internet. Although it would be understandable in view of the accident, why Lady Gaga so reluctant pants, but we doubt the veracity of this rumor. Had not your dancing partner long chatted about it, and could not it have been just sweat? If there's anything wrong, this incident would be more embarrassing than all the celebrity boobies at once!

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