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Netto heats price war at discounters

Netto goes into the price war with the discounters.
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Competition continues

Netto Marken-Discount interferes in the price war of the supermarkets. The get the German discounters now to feel.

First it was the Kinderschokolade, later the Red Bull. Gradually, more and more branded products sneaked into the shelves of Aldi and Co. Nevertheless, they want to remain true to their reputation of low prices. Can that work out?

The competition can be felt meanwhile in all supermarkets. After Aldi and Lidl have tried again and again with lower prices to try, is now also net in the price war of discounters.

The brand discount puts pressure on its competitors. This has recently been particularly noticeable in products such as coffee and Nutella. The latter even offered Netto at an even cheaper price than Aldi and Lidl. The 1000-gram glass costs the brand discount only 3.50 euros, just 40 cents less than the competition.

But Aldi and Lidl react. If an offer appears on Netto, it can be observed that the competitors drastically reduce the price of the product as well.

The price war among discounters is already known by Lidl and Aldi, who now also seem to be tricking with different packaging sizes. The supposedly larger product at Aldi is offered at the same price as the small one from Lidl. But if you take a look at the actual table of contents, the prices are identical. Buyers should get the impression with elaborate packaging to receive more and be deceived.

But with the knowledge of the strong competition, customers can currently benefit from the price war of discount stores. It is reckoned with further price reductions, with which try net, Aldi and Lidl to undercut.