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Decorate like the RoyalsThese bathroom accessories turn your home into a castle

Life like the royals? This works out! With these golden accessories, your bathroom transforms into a small palace.

Boring wet room or noble bathroom with nice accessories? You decide!
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At least since the royal wedding we feel this close connection to Meghan Markle . If you do not adore the actress anyway since the series Suits, did the dream wedding with Prince Harry hit you in the eye at the latest, right?

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Sussex has moved into the Kensington Palace with her husband and we wonder: how does a princess live nowadays? And how can we make our everyday life a bit more royal ? These three bathroom accessories could be a start ...

Golden bathroom accessories

1st mirror, mirror on the wall


Mirror, mirror on the wall ... who has the most beautiful golden mirror in the country? Probably the label Calvill from Hamburg . And of course, their gold level is also very well on your bathroom wall.

With the frame of golden leaf metal, it gives your bath something royal and you feel at least as if you would stay in a noble 5-star hotel - and then every day. Combined with light textiles, the mirror becomes an absolute highlight in the bathroom.

golden-bathroom accessories-calvill-golden-mirror

2. Royale toilet paper holder

Toilet paper is not the finest accessory we keep in our bathroom. How about a little gold magic? The golden toilet paper holder by Calvill is an absolute eye-catcher and even enhances your everyday walk to the quiet village.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry - how many golden bathroom accessories do they both have at Kensington Palace? It is important, of course, how you put your golden bathroom accessories in scene. Especially in combination with wooden elements, some pretty green plants and muted wall colors, your bathroom will shine in the royal look in the future!

bathroom accessories-calvill-golden-toiletry

Meghan Markle und Prinz Harry: Wie viele goldene Badezimmer-Accessoires die beiden wohl im Kensington Palast haben?
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: How many golden bathroom accessories do they both have at Kensington Palace?
Photo: Getty Images

3. Stylish watches

In the bathroom, time is always so beautiful. Not so good if you really wanted to be in the office on time in the morning. Or just want to know how long your new hair care actually has to act now. A stylish watch will help you keep track of time and turn your bathroom into a small palace.

One of our favorite models is this golden wall clock . The royal look comes from sheet metal and acrylic glass with black aluminum hands . The great thing is that the clock is creeping - that means you will not be disturbed by annoying ticking at your princess' bath, because the hands gently creep over the dial.

golden-bathroom accessories-calvill and gold watch

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