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Vivi Bach is dead

Vivi Bach is dead.
Photo: dpa Bilderdienste / picture alliance

True love never dies

Dietmar Schönherr (86) remained at her side until the end and cared for his sick wife. Now she has left him: As it became known, Vivi Bach died yesterday at the age of 73 years.

Vivi Bach is said to have fallen asleep on the sofa. A friend of the couple told the BILD: "Dietmar immediately called his family doctor Professor Dr. Carlo Dietschi, he was only able to determine her death as the cause of death cardiovascular failure was found."

With the death of Vivi Bach also a great love story takes its tragic end. For 46 years she and Dietmar Schönherr were married to each other. Together they became TV legends with "Make a wish".

But her biggest wish never came true. Vivi Bach wanted to become a mother: "I want three children, all sons, like the organ pipes!" But this dream never came true ... God had wanted it differently, said Dietmar Schönherr later.

Most recently, the couple had lived reclusive in Ibiza. Dietmar Schönherr took great care of his seriously ill wife, who lost more and more, in the end even weighed only 35 kilos.

Every minute he spent with her, Dietmar Schönherr wanted to spend his Vivi. That's real love!

Now she left him. Vivi Bach is dead and whether Dietmar Schönherr will ever get over this tragic loss is questionable.

Incidentally, the ashes of Vivi Bach are to be scattered in the sea - just like those of Dietmar Schönherr later, when he should not be anymore. A final resting place for her love. True love defies even death ...