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Ulrich Meyer brings his lonely mother to himself

The "actor" moderator in an interview

The tips and advice that moderator Ulrich Meyer gives every week in his SAT.1 advisory program "Akte" have often helped us. Even in private life, he has a big heart - for his old, lonely mother (88).

How do you take care of your mother Rosemarie? Ulrich Meyer : We call regularly, at least twice a week and firmly on Sundays. Since the death of my father two years ago, we also see each other more often. I feel responsible for her. Your mother lives in Osnabrück, but you live in Berlin ... Ulrich Meyer : Yes, and that's why we have just made the decision together that she comes to us. My mother will live near us soon. Nobody is made for being alone. Loneliness is the worst thing that exists for the elderly. Not only your father, even your brother Stephan died. How do you process these losses? Ulrich Meyer : My father died at almost 90, had a full life. But my brother was killed at the age of 51. He was full of strength, full of hope. That is very hard for me. And for you specifically? Ulrich Meyer: For me as an older person, it just does not feel right if the younger one dies earlier. Are you now responsible for his five children? Ulrich Meyer: Already as the godfather of one of the children I am of course already called upon to take care of me, that's clear. That's where the family stands together. Do you visit the tombs? Ulrich Meyer: Of course. When I stand in front of it, I also speak with them. Do you believe in a life after death? Ulrich Meyer: (Deep breathing.) I do not trust that things will go on up there. That's why I try to do and do my utmost down here. Fear of illness? Ulrich Meyer: No! So far, I had a shingles due to stress. But I also take care of myself. From the middle of September I walk around with scarf. Which dreams would you like to fulfill? Ulrich Meyer: I have travel plans with my wife Georgia. We want to go back to the desert.

How is your resume after so many TV years? Ulrich Meyer: I lead a happy life. Have a job that did not meet the wishes of my parents, but my own perfectly. I like to go to my editorial office every day, have found my fulfillment. Did I miss opportunities? I miss nothing! For whom do you ship? Ulrich Meyer: For the viewer. Not for broadcasters, not for critics. I ask ourselves, we ask ourselves: what does the spectator need, who gives us an hour of his lifetime and wants to be entertainingly informed? Do you sometimes seem rather brittle? Ulrich Meyer: No, that's not me. I'm aloof, yes: But that's a trait that I tend to see as positive. Situations where you can get me on the wrong foot are very rare. Did you change the "hot chair" back then? There you were very loud ... Ulrich Meyer: Oh, once I'm in motion, then you can see various facets. At that time, I left out pages that I was amazed myself. I was no longer just the well-mannered man with whom eating cherries is good. When my brother was asked what I did for a living during that time, he said, "He is telling others about his mouth." He's pretty much in a nutshell. They have not changed visually ... Ulrich Meyer: ... that's nice, but it's not true. I'm a bit like my dad, I think. So I know today how I could look with 90 ... My mother thinks that's great. In the end, he had completely white hair. I also recognize myself in him otherwise. How to move my hands, or if I unconsciously see myself in the mirror. And that's just the external! The image of hairdressing and vanity sticks to you ... Ulrich Meyer: I have not had my hair blown for 40 years! But no matter. I admit a certain amount of vanity: I would never have breakfast voluntarily in the bathrobe in the morning. I just do not feel well, not even in a jogging suit. I would not present myself to my own wife like that either. She is entitled to a decent man. Can you imagine moving to a retirement home later? Ulrich Meyer: We have already thought about which of our friends we would invite us to start an oldie flat share with us later. Who could take what? Ulrich Meyer: I am and hopefully will remain a good chauffeur for a long time, can consistently mow lawns, open wine bottles and sort wine cellars. And your wife? Ulrich Meyer: She can cook wonderfully - among other things.