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Curtains and panel curtains

Living situation: Balcony door with adjoining window
Photo: Living idea

Balcony door with adjoining window

Here, the decoration sets the tone in the room - with fresh colors and a great check design. The plaid curtains are hung with large, embossed eyelets on a matt-gloss curtain rod, which was mounted just below the ceiling; Apple-green folding shutters with a fine stripe structure provide additional privacy and sun protection. They were mounted directly on the ceiling and can therefore be pulled up so that the window remains completely free.

The interior of the living room with wicker sofa and table as well as high-pile (wool) rug presents itself in urban country style variant. The natural tone of the Rattangeflechts and the white of armchair and carpet give the fresh curtain colors precedence, which are picked up in dessin variations of the pillows and the sofa cushion.

Worth seeing in detail: the suspension of the curtains with large eyelets and a small "head" (3 cm high) on a curtain rod in the design nickel-matt. The folding door with dirt-repellent Teflon coating is available in eight colors.

Manufacturer: Faltstores: Teba. Decorative scarves, cushion covers: Gardisette. Curtain rod: Interstil. Carpet: JAB ANSTOETZ Rugs. Rattan sofa, Rattan table: Residential island. Hussesselessel: Car. Lights: Schubert Varia. Candlesticks, Etagere, glasses: DIY- stick. Glass storage, hood: Eden Living. Tray: Tavola Argilla. Plaid: Zoeppritz.

"Generous thinking" is the motto in window decoration: Because you should not look at each window individually, but always have the whole front in view. As here: The wall with balcony door and adjacent window is set in place by panel curtains, which are printed with motifs from Pisa.

The uv-resistant digital prints from the artist collection "Anna Flores" bring a touch of Italy into the apartment with the Leaning Tower and hinted, yellow tile design. For further visibility and light protection, white and gray panel curtains are additionally attached to the three-track rail. Important for the generous impression: The rail is mounted directly under the ceiling, so that the window wall can be completely covered by the curtains.

Medallion armchairs and candlesticks with playful glass prism decoration are a perfect match for this decoration, which is as effective as it is formally reduced, with its palazzo touches. The color scheme of the room stays discreetly

Manufacturer: Panel curtains, rail, panel car: Teba. Carpet: JAB ANSTOETZ carpets.Coffee table: "CT 60" / Hülsta. Sofa: now! by hülsta. Armchair: Car. Console table: Schubert-Varia. Lights: Sompex. Fabric for seat cushions: Gardisette. Golden Pillow, Vase: Lizzart Living. Pearl embroidered cushion: The Wohngeschwister. Candlesticks: One-Two-Three. Tray: The laundry. Etagere: Ikea.

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