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Fate call for car accident: Parents die and leave 7 children

In a tragic road accident in Hesse, a mother (34 years) and a father (37 years) were killed. They leave seven children.

Traffic accident: parents die and leave seven children
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This heavy fate shakes all over Germany today: A 57-year-old driver of a small truck comes on Tuesday, January 17, 2017, in a right turn at Bad Arolsen (on the B252 in northern Hesse) from its lane. Accident cause: unknown.

The small truck drives head on to an oncoming car . In it: A young married couple with two of their seven children.

The truck driver suffers serious injuries. The mother and father die at the scene of the accident. The two children in the back seat (3 and 6 years old) were flown with heavy injuries in hospitals to Kassel and Göttingen - by rescue helicopter. Her condition is now stable.

The other 5 children of the deceased couple are now staying with relatives - at least for the time being. The Youth Welfare Office must clarify who takes custody of the seven orphaned children.

The city of Bad Arolsen has now set up a donation account to support the remaining family. The (non-party) mayor of the city, Jürgen van der Horst, justified it as follows: "The breadwinner has failed and the family is not bedded on roses."

Please send donations to the city administration of Bad Arolsen. The account data:

Receiver: City Administration Bad Arolsen

Sparkasse Waldeck-Frankenberg

IBAN: DE54 5235 0005 0001 0627 10


The Hessian radio station FFH already donated 10, 000 euros.

If you want to donate other material things to the children in addition to money, you can do likewise. What is needed can be obtained from the city of Bad Arolsen on 05691/8010.