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InstructionsTo make Christmas paper snowflake pendants

Snowflake, white skirt ... after Christmas, we decorate with these self-made snowflake pendants.

Instead of Christmas decorations, we now have snowflake pendants
Photo: Deco & Style

Oh, what a cozy Christmas time ... Everywhere jewelery and lights wherever the eye went. So we do not find it so dull at home, we decorate with these homemade snowflake trailers! How it works, we reveal in our guide.


  • white tissue paper
  • white ribbon
  • scissors
  • small scissors or nail scissors

That's how it works:

1. Cut tissue paper into 9 x 9 cm squares.
2. Fold squares into a triangle. Fold again to a smaller triangle.
3. Place the triangle with the tip up in front of you. The right
Half at the top tip, buckle a third so that the corner is over the bottom edge.
4. Do the same with the left half. Now just cut off the protruding tips below.
5. Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut out pieces to form a snowflake.
6. Unfold the paper and fasten it to the fir with a ribbon.

Click here to download the manual.