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Ian Somerhalder is happy about gay moment with Paul Wesley

Bros instead of Hoes: Ian Somerhalder laughs limply

Ian Somerhalder / Instagram

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley were caught - as a cute gay couple that does not care about women in the middle of an iPhone case! "The Vampire Diaries" star Ian Somerhalder was so excited about it that he immediately wrote a message on Instagram to his colleague and buddy Paul Wesley, along with the curious object he had just opened. The case for the iPhone shows him and his Salvatore brother holding hands in jeans gulf. In addition, the lettering: "Bro's Before Hoe's", which of course means that they do not let a woman come between them. Ian Sonerhalder and Paul Wesley were caught Suddenly Ian Somerhalder slapped the sight. He promptly wrote to co-star Paul Wesley, "The Ultimate Phone Case. Paul Wesley, it's official - they caught us. Time to tell your wife, "which of course proved once again that the" The Vampire Diaries "hottie also has a good sense of humor. SE