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Dinner for One: The best versions of the New Year's Eve classic

The New Year's Eve classic Dinner for One in color is very pretty to look at.
Photo: Vimeo / Ed Murphy

Dinner for One with a difference: in color and with Merkel & Sarkozy

New Year's Eve without Dinner for One - absolutely unthinkable! How Miss Sophie celebrates her 90th birthday with her deceased friends is simply a cult at the end of the year.

In the original Miss Sophie is played by May Warden. Her four friends Sir Toby, Admiral von Schneider, Mr. Pommeroy and Mr. Winterbottom must all play Butler James. It is originally shown by Freddie Frinton.

1. The wonderful original of Dinner for One with Miss Sophie, James and Tigerfur.

2nd dinner for one in color

Did you know that Dinner for One is also available in color? This lovingly colored video breathes new life into the classic.

Dinner For One (color version) from Ed Murphy on Vimeo.

3. Dinner for One with Merkel and Sarkozy

"The same as always, you Flitzpiepe, but hop-hop!" Just wonderful is this Dinner for One parody with Madame Angela Merkel and Butler Nicolas Sarkozy!

4th Dinner for Miss Otti!

Just to shoot is the version of and with comedian Otto Waalkes and Ralf Schmitz. The honorable, unfortunately also already deceased guests in this clip: the famous and beloved actor Heinz Erhardt, Hans Moser, Heinz Rühmann and Rudi Carrell.

Especially pretty: the tiger skin with Ottifanten head.

5. Not just funny for kids: the Bernd the Bread version

In this Dinner for One version with the droll figures from Bernd das Brot, Bernd naturally depicts the butler.

6. A tiger made of Lego bricks!

What work must be in this video! Dinner for One in the Lego version is very creative.

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