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Bye, string! Why we wear granny panties now ...

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  1. Trend reversal in the lingerie
  2. The time of the strings is over
  3. Come on with the bad guys!

Trend reversal in the lingerie

Bright white, made of cotton and generously cut - that's how we know cotton underpants from grandma and mum. But from now on we like to wear the fine rib particles as well ...

Already Bridget Jones appreciated the benefits of a shaping granny panties. But what made us laugh wonderfully is absolutely trendy today! Wait a minute ... Trend ?! Yes, that's right, because cozy underpants solve the sexy strings and thongs of the world in women's lingerie drawers.

Of course, this phenomenon can also be proven in numbers: The American market research institute NPD Group has taken a closer look at sales of women's underwear - with astounding results. Not only that, the sale of strings fell by 7 percent compared to last year. In fact, about 17 percent more comfortable knickers went over the counter than in the same period a year before.

The time of the strings is over

This is recognized by industry experts. Erica Roussea, Fashion Director at Bloomingdale's, told The New York Telegraph, "There's a change in the underwear business." Especially the younger generation would resort more and more to relaxed underwear. A reason to be happy?

Why not?! After all, wearing a thin piece of cloth between his buttocks is not the most comfortable feeling. And somehow such form of underwear fulfills only the fantasies of men. (Sorry guys, you can check out how comfortable a string is to wear). But despite all equal rights: Do not we find grandma's memory panties a little unsexy? Admittedly, the look is naturally hotter due to black lace lingerie. But is not it enough to slip into these for special moments? No one sees in the office (provided the parts are not all tight), whether you're a neat, fine rib or sexy underwear wearer ...

Come on with the bad guys!

We say: At the end of the day, of course, everyone has to wear what they like best. But maybe we should relax a bit more, as far as the choice of underwear is concerned. After all, man will still love you, even if there is a lingerie cotton day.

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