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Of course, fresh living room

Before, afterwards

Of course, fresh and re-thought-through: more life, please: With skilful room layout, lots of light and casual ingredients, a living room gains in tension.

The window has become a point of reference, framed by two bright leather sofas set against each other: Now the daylight can flood the room unhindered, the seating group invites you to a relaxed chat. Instead of the bulky wall unit, a slender wooden shelf serves as a storage space for books and accessories. The natural style has been retained, but rejuvenated with casual furniture and ingredients. At first glance, too, the colors did not change very much - but their effect is very strong: this is due to the newly added cream and dark brown shades, which create harmonious contrasts, and eye-catching in fresh pistachio green.

The right combination

The interior must be well-placed. In this case, the right-angled couch combination with pouf and side tables are the focal point. The trendy tufted carpet connects them visually: this is how they become a seating island. The large wall unit has just been disassembled: The lower part now stands as a sideboard on the opposite wall and carries the flat screen. There is also an inherited antique cupboard on the outside wall for storage space.

Wood and plants emphasize the naturalness

The coarse wood cuboid with the character of a room sculpture can be used as a side table and stool. Or decorate as a still life, z. B. with green plants and Buddha head. The tufted carpet fits perfectly with its "grass look".

Convertible furniture creates scope

Designer piece with a personal touch: Two U-shaped laminated wood coffee tables are pushed together to form a sophisticated solitary piece of furniture . For this purpose, one introduces a slot laterally with the jigsaw at one of the tables, then sanding and painting the cut edges. Those who are not very experienced in craftsmanship can do that best of the joiner, after all, perfection is in demand.

Light fabrics spread comfort in the living room

So that the leather sofas do not occur too objectively and formally, they are decorated with plaids and pillows . Various fabrics in tiered cream and beige tones provide variety and a friendly atmosphere in the living room. A wooden tray with rim serves as a storage area for water glass - also on the wide side rest.

The new living room - expenses at a glance:

Three-seater "Magic Clean" by Otto, 67 x 189 x 82 cm, color "cream" each about 399 euros

Pouf "Magic Clean" by Otto, 43 x 90 x 90 cm, color "cream", each about 199 euros

✔ Coffee table, similar seen in the set of 3 at Kare, 50 x 90 x 36 cm and 36 x 40 x 32, color "white" about 199 euros

✔ Wooden cuboid, similar to Vitamin Design, approx. 38 x 38 x 45 cm, material oak approx. 219 Euro

Wandbord, set of 2, by Otto, 6 x 80 x 14 cm about 90 euros

✔ Tufted carpet, Schöner Wohnen collection at Otto, 240 x 170 cm approx 319 euros

Pillows / plaids from Ikea, Linum, Moltex and Pad from about 4 euros

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