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Dog School the other way around: Dog teaches baby to jump

This funny video proves that also bipeds can learn something in the dog school

Who is man's best friend? Sure, of course! It is of course the dog! And best friends support themselves wherever they can. That goes without saying for the helpful Border Collie in this video. His human friend: a sweet baby.

The help of the four-legged friend is not quite altruistic. The pet loves to jump! So what is closer than a jumping duel between dog and baby?

Thanks to a baby shop, the little child is already standing on its own without ever falling over. Running is not possible, but that does not matter! Because if a person can not discover the world on two legs, he should at least be able to: jump like a champion! The clever Border Collie is convinced of that.

With a great deal of endurance, he gives the baby a sports lesson. Again and again, the dog straightens up, stands first on his hind paws and then jumps skilfully in the air. The baby seems to like it: squealing with enthusiasm, it imitates its animal teacher and jumps up and down happily in the baby shopper. Since the visit of the dog school was really worth it!

Dog school with a difference: with a lot of patience, a dog teaches jumping to a baby in this funny video. This is true friendship!

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