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H & M advertises oversized bikini model [PHOTOS]

Label H & M is also promoting models with curves

The trend is clearly away from hungry pangs and women with female forms: Jennifer Lawrence eats chips instead of lean vegetables and does not think to lose weight. Fashion brand H & M also decided to take a drastic step. His new swimwear presents the Swedish budget label namely with a model that definitely does not fit into the category of Miranda Kerr and Cara Delevingne. The brunette girl named Jennie Runk has quite nice curves, which are not only deliciously packaged in the current swimsuits, but in a bikini demonstratively staged. H & M wants to sell bikinis to every woman, no matter the character The message is clear: Anyone can wear a two-piece suit on the beach this summer, no matter how much meat is worn on the ribs and how big the love handles are. Of course you want to boost sales in this way at H & M, of course, while the labels of course says you want to show women with various characters. What do you say to the ad images? Nice or anything else than advantageous?