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"Big Brother" - Benny is the new mole

Benny is going to upset Big Brother



As soon as Benny is in the house, the former "DSDS" candidate is already making waves. Not only does he try to seduce Leon, he also makes Florian an enemy with his exuberant nature. He has a strange external resemblance to designer Harald Glööckler - as well as our "Big Brother" newcomer puts a lot of value on his Styling. Hair, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and of course his beard. Nevertheless, Benny emphasizes that he is not a sissy. Jenny has a surprising secret that the 21-year-old is the mole in this season, surprised us then. Benny has to perform 3 tasks for the "Big Brother" - so the container should be thoroughly mixed. He has already made the beginning for it. We are curious what tasks are put to the choir boy and especially how Benny then implements them. Let us know if you think Benny is a good mole candidate or what candidate you have chosen.CH