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Music heals! With the power of tones for pain

Music promotes our health.
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  1. 5 helps
  2. 1. Pain stops
  3. 2. Stress subsides
  4. 3. The mood is rising
  5. 4. The defense builds up
  6. 5. The blood pressure drops

5 helps

Scientists confirm - the power of music boosts mood and can even relieve pain.

1. Pain stops

The brain and all our nerves are very susceptible to melodious sounds. They go as it were to the marrow - and do something. As US researchers have now found out: If we listen to music, the organism can handle pain better. Especially quiet classic increases the release of endogenous hormones that have a pain-relieving effect!

2. Stress subsides

The pituitary gland controls our hormones, including the stress hormone cortisol . When we hear certain music, the gland reacts to it - it lowers the secretion of cortisol.

Effect: Our stress level drops. This works especially well with quiet instrumental pieces, such as. B. Piano music by Richard Clayderman.

3. The mood is rising

There is an area in the brain that is very sensitive to sounds: the limbic system that generates our emotions. When listening to music, happiness hormones are released, including the motivational hormone dopamine.

Prerequisite: There are rather fast and emphatically cheerful pieces, for example pop, folk music and disco.

4. The defense builds up

Especially when you sing, something wonderful happens: the body makes more immunoglobulin A. These are certain antibodies. They help to fight pathogens. Over time, the power of the defense increases . This was stated by choir singers. The effect, albeit weaker, is also achieved if you regularly listen to pop music or, for example, fast country music.

5. The blood pressure drops

Doctors of a Stuttgart clinic experienced: Quiet sounds lower the blood pressure of study participants by an average of 5 mmHg! And according to a study by the University of Belgrade, twelve minutes of quiet music a day is enough to lower blood pressure and normalize the heart rate. Ideal are slow classical pieces.

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