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Princess Caroline of Monaco drinks Caprisonne with her daughters

Princess Caroline of Monaco and her two daughters Charlotte and Alexandra.
Photo: Getty images

Yacht, sun, shopping mood ...

Last night, the "PACHA III" was still in the port of Capri, the beautiful, sunny Italian rocky island in the Gulf of Naples. On board: Princess Caroline of Monaco and her two daughters Charlotte and Alexandra. "The trio is on holiday and will certainly stay a few more days, " says one observer. Princess Caroline of Monaco and her daughters, of course, have also been photographed. Charlotte tried on sandals, which are made on request by foot measurement by hand. Meanwhile, Alexandra, who is even less interested in shopping, bought herself an ice cream. Funny: Princess Caroline of Monaco had her dachshund with her. The one wobbled in advance on a dog leash, which consisted of lumpy plastic sausage stringed together.

By the way - Prince Ernst August of Hannover is missing. He, who has not been seen on the side of Princess Caroline of Monaco for over a year, is currently in a clinic in Ibiza, according to press reports. He should be ill again on the pancreas. He used to enjoy life on board the 36-meter-long and 75-year old (!) Old yacht "PACHA III". How expensive it is to keep such an old "luxury barge" constantly in motion and in tune with even die-hard ship-overs not at all: "huge bucks - and for two, three short trips on the water per year." worth knowing: The name of the ship derives from the beginning of the name of the Caroline children: Pierre, Andrea, Charlotte, Alexandra so, before Alexandra was born, her "A" fits more randomly here, before "CHA" stood alone for Charlotte ...