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Bonnie Tyler: "I knew immediately: Robert is the right one!"

Bonnie Tyler will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest this year.
Photo: Imago / TAR-TASS

Sweet confession to the 40th wedding anniversary

With her husband, the singer goes to the other end of the world ...

It was 1970. Bonnie, sweet 19 years young, has a gig in a nightclub in Swansea (England). Like many nights before, she is on stage singing. And suddenly she sees him in the audience. One look was enough ...

This is how the love story of rock legend Bonnie Tyler (today 61) and estate agent Robert Sullivan (63) began. "I knew right away he was the right one, " the Welsh woman beamed.

The couple married three years after the first meeting. And marriage - rare enough in the music industry - has now lasted for 40 years. How they succeeded? "You always have to be together, " Bonnie replies without hesitation. Because even if the singer is traveling in Germany or on 18 May for England sings at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö (ARD, 20:15 clock), Robert is at her side. During the interview he is waiting in the limousine. "Robert is my biggest fan. He stands at the edge of the stage and sings every word, " she reveals.

The businessman divides his time so that he can accompany his treasure anywhere in the world. "I could not do all this without him, it would not give me any pleasure. Every evening to return to an empty hotel room - terrible. I am grateful to have him by my side, "she enthuses.

So it is not surprising that they celebrate their ruby wedding on 4 July. "It does not feel like 40 years, it's crazy. Time flew by. "And how does the couple celebrate their love jubilee? "Maybe we're going to New York, " she reveals. Robert of course has kept the day off.

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