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Designing a small balcony - that's how it works

Table "Bistro", H 74, Ø 60 cm, approx. 138 €, chair "Latitude", approx. 87 x 49 x 51 cm, approx. 118 €: Fermob. Outdoor carpet "Molly", 200 x 70 cm, approx. 150 €: Ambiente Direct
Photo: deco & style
  1. Ideas for a mini-balcony
  2. Create a small balcony - BEFORE
  3. After 1: Her with the hustle and bustle in beautiful reds
  4. Open the door
  5. Create atmosphere
  6. After 2: space in the countryside
  7. Hanging gardens
  8. Green city oasis
  9. High garden for the small balcony

Ideas for a mini-balcony

Why wait for the holidays? Design your own balcony for a personal summer lounge - whether in hot red tones or with cool natural freshness. How fast that works, you can see here.

Create a small balcony - BEFORE

The small balcony with a view of the green had a refreshing cure urgently needed. He looked pretty drab and careless. The attached bast mat as a blind had also seen better days and the flower pots seemed empty just dreary.

After 1: Her with the hustle and bustle in beautiful reds

Small, but ooh is this place in the countryside. The bright color mix of pink, purple and red works perfectly, as all tones are closely related. Tip: Make concrete disappear under a strip carpet and sew a privacy screen with pockets for trivia.

Lack of space makes you inventive: A violet lacquered wooden frame with hooks serves as a wall decoration and at the same time lends itself to the suspension of storage baskets. Also under the bank can still push baskets. Tip: Flower pots that can be placed directly on the railing are more flexible than boxes.

Flowerpot "Flowerclip", white, H 28 cm, Ø 27 cm, ca. 7 €: Rakuten. Hanging baskets in set of 3, pink plaid, about 75 x 12 cm, about 20 €: Rice

Open the door

Seating and storage space at the same time: Cushions and blankets are quickly cleared away in the wooden chest. With a colorful paint she fits into the concept. Tip: Seal the chest with a clear coat to keep the color longer!

Chest "Hans", 40 x 80 x 40 cm, approx. 89 €: RS furniture

Create atmosphere

On warm evenings candlesticks and lanterns are the best mood-makers. The effect is particularly large in an ensemble of different styles and formats. Tip: Candles with lemongrass scent deter mosquitoes.

Candle, H 4 cm, Ø 7 cm, approx. 6 €: Torquato. Similar. Total: Vase, approx. 18 €: Bloomingville

Instead of gaudy and cheerful you can make a small balcony also natural and fresh with the joie de vivre of the south. Here we go...

After 2: space in the countryside

The combination of green and blue is typically Mediterranean. A little more wood and rattan, we almost feel like in Tuscany. Tip: Lush meadow flowers in pots made of basket or painted metal enhance the rural touch.

Watering can "Zinc", 32 x 55 x 20 cm, approx. 20 €, bucket "Zinc", H 14 cm, Ø 16 cm, approx. 5 €: Butlers

Hanging gardens

Give plants a basket and just let them dangle from the ceiling. To do this, cut four equal parts of a cord, pull them through the mesh of the basket and knot them. Take the ribbons together, tie them to a loop and hang the basket.

Green city oasis

What could be better than putting your feet up and relaxing after the first outdoor breakfast? If there is not enough room for a lounger, a second chair will do the same. Our tip: A privacy screen made of white fabric makes the balcony even sunnier.

Watering can "Zinc", 32 x 55 x 20 cm, approx. 20 €, bucket "Zinc", H 14 cm, Ø 16 cm, approx. 5 €: Lantern "Lighthouse", 37 x 23 x 20 cm, approx €: Butlers

High garden for the small balcony

You can create a lot of space in the smallest space if you plant ornamental plants, herbs or vegetables in the air. The plant shelves are also still an ideal privacy.

"Vertical Garden", from 74 x 55 x 37 cm, about 159 €, Urbanature

You should know that before you plant your balcony